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  • Get instant, actionable feedback
  • Accurate data capture
  • Fast, hassle-free
  • Anonymised data collection

Let Gather be your helping hand

Focus your efforts and budget on what matters: exceeding your consumers’ expectations at launch.

Android & Apple devices

The power is in your hands, turn any android or apple based phone or tablet into a data collection app with Gather.

Data Validation

Capture and verify information at source, with email & phone, both online and offline, and online address (international PAF) validation.

Multi-Page Display

We create image-rich forms, from competitions to surveys – that are easy to use and set up. Engage customers and prospects in a visually appealing, legally compliant and secure way.


One-click and your entire app & forms can change to any language of your choosing.

Guest List

Sync your customer data directly to the app for fast check-ins: no need to capture again.

Online, Offline

Work online or offline without a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected to the Internet, your data is immediately synced securely to the Cloud (Gather portal).

Handy guides from team Gather

Quick reads featuring practical tips on how to make your product launch a success.

Smooth integration. Smart insights.

Gather integrates seamlessly with hundreds of technologies, CRMs, MAPs and software.