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Capture your customer data quickly and securely at any event, anytime, anywhere with our simple tools, smart insight & dedicated support.


Delivering ROI at your events

  • Instant deployment
  • Simple solutions
  • Dedicated support
  • Anywhere, anytime

Let Gather be your helping hand

Streamline your time and data capture efforts during live events.

Portal Reports

Detailed reporting tools for both exhibitors and event partners to help you analyse the data that’s been collected.

Portal Data Extract

Download a comprehensive .CSV file of the data captured during live events.

Portal Dashboard

Multi-widget dashboard which gives you an overview of your events.

Android & Apple devices

The power is in your hands, turn any android or apple based phone or tablet into a data collection app with Gather.

Data Validation

Capture and verify information at source, with email & phone, both online and offline, and online address (international PAF) validation.

Data Capture: CRM and MAP Integration

Look up & submit data of any kind direct to your CRM or MAP system(s) via our integrations.

Handy guides from team Gather

Quick reads to help you and your teams deliver a strong event ROI.

Smooth integration. Smart insights.

Gather integrates seamlessly with hundreds of technologies, CRMs, MAPs and software.