Our MD Hugo Spalding recently participated in a round table discussion with technology partners, agency users and sales professionals to discuss how tech is being used and how it fits into the world of experiential marketing.


The panel also included:

Nick Bedford, Director of Strategy and New Revenues, Limited Space
Stuart Bradbury, Managing Partner, Avantgarde
Madison Byre, OR & Marketing Manager, iD
Neville Close, Group Account Director, Undercurrent
Tim Fletcher, Outlet Contact Manager, Britvic
David Louis, Sales & Marketing Director, Field Sales Solutions
Dan Mayer, Head of Field Marketing, Prime Field Marketing
Warren Richmond, CEO, Retail Marketing Group
Ben Taylor, Retail Experience Director, TRO Retail
Jordan Waid, VP Brand Experience, Freeman XP

The discussions ranged from the reality that faces exponents of branded sales at store, through tech enabled brand ambassadors to applications of virtual reality. The full article appears in Field Marketing Magazine, Summer 2017 issue.