Working in the events industry, you know your team is pulled in all directions. Production, sales, marketing and logistics must function harmoniously for events, competitions, product launches and exhibitions alike. All too often though, this simply isn’t the case. You know just how valuable event data can be in holding your team together. But you might not be so clear on how an event data capture app can make life easier for your team.

Read on to discover how data capture technology can provide the tools and insight to bring events teams together.

1. Improve your event ROI

You’ll know better than anyone that return on investment should be one of your first considerations.

Take Bentley; the luxury car manufacturer had ROI front of mind when collecting customer information. Bentley decided to use an event data capture app across private events, major motor shows and on the shop floor.

Improve your event ROI with an event data capture app, like Bentley

Launching the Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

The decision was a great success. Not only did dynamic research questions (in custom forms) lead to a 50 per cent increase in qualified leads. Detailed event statistics also enabled real-time and post event data analysis, providing a clear view on return on investment.

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2. Host an event anywhere

You’ll be well aware of the significance of in-person events. But did you know that 48 per cent of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than two years ago?

This increased interest aligns with the consensus that a ‘digital-only’ approach is not the way forward. Events of all shapes and sizes will only become more important in the years to come. Not relying on internet connectivity will open up possibilities to host events anywhere and become a key differentiator.

Use an event data capture app to host an event offline

Ensure your event stands out, even offline.

The online-offline capability of an event data capture app means you can stand out by hosting an event almost anywhere. With no need for Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, you can collect data offline and sync it with a centralised portal and your CRM system later. This significantly widens your options for venues without losing an iota of precious event data.

3. Share data quickly and securely

You understand better than most the value that access to accurate event data brings to your team’s everyday.

The quality of that data shapes their understanding of each event, and improves their ability to work together. The better the data quality, the more sophisticated your post-event marketing strategy.

Of course, there are myriad aspects to an event for you to measure. But, more so than other types of event data, we tend to associate leads closely with ROI. And yet, according to some sources, 62 per cent of leads aren’t followed up after an event. Too often, leads are lost. Sometimes post-event follow up takes so long that the lead has gone cold.

Use an event data capture app to improve event ROI

Share data quickly to keep your leads warm and improve ROI.

Take Bentley again; the company was able to synchronise qualified leads immediately with its CRM system. This enabled the marketing team to follow up leads instantly, providing a seamless customer experience appropriate to such a high-end brand.

As a result, this high-quality lead generation and timely follow up enabled a global sales increase of £2.2 million.

4. Create a memorable experience

You probably want to own your customers’ experience of your event.

Focusing on the experiential element of an event is certainly the right thing to do. An impressive 74 per cent of consumers say that engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted.

Membership organisation Boundless brought a series of events to life with an event data capture app as part of its rebranding campaign. Boundless’s branded app ensured a slick and easy customer experience, with live incentives generated to surprise those attending. What’s more, 80 per cent of data entries at the events came from new customers.

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5. Make event check-in easy

As you know all too well, an engaging event experience depends on the logistics running smoothly. This is most important upon your guests’ arrival, when you want to ensure they can enter quickly and easily, while accurately measuring attendance.

The inbuilt QR and barcode scanner in an event data capture app makes measuring and accessing visitor data easy. It also means you can act on attendee insights in real time to provide tailored customer interactions.

QRS uses Gather's event data capture app to upload event registration data

Measure and access visitor data easily with a built-in barcode scanner.

QRS, for example, is a registration services company that supports event organisers in the UK and around the globe.

Through Gather’s data collection app, QRS enables event managers to upload event registration data to a centralised portal at any time. This provides exhibitors with pre-event and walk-in data in real time.

Key for QRS was that exhibitors could use their own devices, so there was no need to supply scanning equipment.

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