As a sales professional, you know how important building relationships with prospects and customers is to your role. And – whether you’re at an event, exhibition or product launch – you know just how valuable that is for successful lead generation and conversion. You may be less clear, however, on why a lead capture app is useful for you and your sales team.

Whether you follow STRONGMAN or another sales process, read on to discover how data capture technology can help you engage customers quickly and easily. Here are five reasons why a lead capture app is useful for sales teams.

How does a lead capture app actually help sales teams?

1. Collect prospect details in seconds

When done well, the benefits of prospecting are obvious. Indeed, according to research by Salesforce, 56 per cent of sales leaders are focusing on generating new leads.

And you know better than most how important it is to make that first meeting as smooth as possible. A lead capture app makes engaging with prospects quick and easy. Tools such as a business card scanner are fast, efficient and scan in a number of languages. Plus, there’s no specialist kit. You’ve already got a smartphone, so just download the app and get going.

In other words, let the tech fade into the background: you focus on the customer in front of you. You can watch how it works in the video below.

2. Generate qualified leads

You’ve worked hard and have plenty of sales leads to work on. Now it’s time to narrow down the prospect pool.

But, as you know, it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes you can complete both these processes at the same time.

Take Bentley. The luxury car manufacturer increased qualified leads by 50 per cent, thanks to dynamic research questions in its lead capture app. All data was validated at source, meaning each lead was pre-qualified from the outset. The result? An increase in global sales by more than £2.2 million. Quality in equals quality out.

Bentley used a lead capture app to improve sales conversions

3. Capture sales leads anytime, anywhere

For salespeople, time is important. Every second needs to count. You’ll want to be able to interact easily with prospects and customers – wherever they are – to ensure you spend your time where it matters.

A lead capture app lets you collect leads anytime and anywhere, online, offline or anywhere in between. It’s with you wherever your customer is: when you’re networking at an event, in the pub after work – even on the golf course. Every moment is an opportunity.

Plus it’ll do all the complicated stuff for you. It will sync your smartphone with a centralised portal, and your CRM system, so you don’t need to worry about lost time to admin.

For more on this, see the online-offline capability of a lead capture app.

4. Generate leads and follow up immediately

You know just how valuable it is to follow up leads. What’s more, you know that the timing and quality of your follow up also shape the outcome.

A lead capture app integrates the data you capture into your back-office and CRM systems in real time. This means customer details are immediately available to sales and marketing channels for follow up. In seconds, you can scan a business card, transcribe it to a form, and submit it to your CRM for follow up. And you’re already one step ahead of the competition.

If you want to, you can send a thank-you email minutes (even seconds) after you’ve said goodbye to your new contact. A lead capture app also makes it easy to note down any extra details you think are necessary. So you can be much more informed in your follow up, and build that relationship up to a sale right from the beginning.

Suzuki generated qualified leads with a lead capture app

Take Suzuki. The company not only used lead capture software to increase the quality and quantity of sales leads. Crucially, it also transmitted these leads instantly to its CRM system, for its dealer network to follow up immediately.

For more on this, see How to get real-time lead generation right.

5. Enjoy accurate customer data without thinking about it

It’s no revelation that having accurate customer data increases your chances of converting leads.

Put another way, poor-quality data is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to converting leads into sales. Did you know that as many as 42 per cent of sales reps feel they don’t have the right information when following up a lead?

A lead capture app lets you add, amend and look up customer data wherever you are, online or offline. This means your customer and prospect data are always appropriate, consistent and up to date – ready for follow up.

Why a lead capture app will help you meet your sales targets

A lead capture app makes generating and following up leads quick and easy. Plus, a good lead capture app does the real hard work for you, meaning you don’t need to worry about the accuracy of your data or how it gets to your CRM system. It will help you:

  1. Collect customer data in seconds
  2. Generate high-quality leads wherever you are
  3. Follow up leads in real time, with the right information
  4. Work harmoniously with marketing teams

While there are plenty of mobile trade show apps, a lead capture app is an important tool to have up your sleeve because it is so versatile.

Crucially, it will serve you well wherever you are: at an exhibition or trade show, at events of all shapes and sizes, at a product launch, or wherever else your customer might be.

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