As a marketer, you know how varied your role can be. You’re conducting brand research one day, planning a product launch the next, and developing your CRM strategy constantly. You know just how valuable customer data is for businesses. But you may not be so clear on why a data capture app is useful for your marketing team.

Read on to discover how data capture technology can provide the tools, insight and support to make your job easier. Here are six reasons why a data capture app is useful for marketing teams.

1. Carry out market research

You’ll know better than anyone how important it is to understand your customer and your market. But did you know that 47 per cent of CMOs who used marketing intelligence improved customer satisfaction? Or that 45 per cent also improved customer retention?

Here's why a data capture app is useful for market research

Brand research has obvious benefits, when done well. And a data capture app makes your research process much easier. Intelligent, dynamic forms respond to conditional questions and answers to help your team gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

It’s also useful beyond traditional survey or research-style questions. You could, for example, use it to capture anonymised data to profile visitors to your stand. One experiential agency did just this, recording details such as gender, age, clothing, accessories, and even type of pet. The agency then used this data to create customer personas and develop its CRM strategy.

2. Collect contact information at product launches

You’ve done your research. You’ve shaped and positioned your product offering. You know who you’re targeting. All that remains is launch day. And you know that product launches are a fantastic opportunity to gather contact information from prospects and customers – because your audience is already engaged. All you need now is to engage your audience directly: in person.

A data capture app helps you collect actionable product launch data, generate qualified leads and ensure continued return on investment. Features such as a business card scanner work in a number of languages and help you capture customer details quickly in any type of conversation – no matter how large or busy the environment.

Take the Geneva Motor Show, where one company was able to generate 551 sales leads from one product launch.

Here's why a data capture app is useful for product launches

3. Make customer engagement easy

If you’re like most marketers, you probably want to own your customers’ experience of your brand. You want any interaction customers have with your business to be easy, memorable and helpful. Leveraging the right tools and insight helps you achieve this – and is why you’re good at your job in the first place.

A data capture app reduces the time spent collecting information to a matter of seconds, creating more time for face-to-face engagement with guests.

When Boundless planned a rebranding campaign, it wanted people’s experience of the events to be slick and easy. Boundless's branded app ensured smooth, highly visual, event check-in that generated live incentives for those attending.

Here's why a data capture app is useful

4. Develop your CRM strategy with accurate customer data

You know just how valuable customer data is to your everyday. The quality of that data shapes your CRM strategy: the better the data quality, the more sophisticated your CRM strategy.

So it’s essential you know what data you need to collect – and why. This will help you connect with your customers and build loyal relationships. For more on this, see How to build up your customer database after GDPR.

A data capture app allows you to add, amend and look up customer data wherever you are. This is thanks to smart CRM and MAP integrations, which establish a real-time connection with whichever system you use. (Plus, it makes you appear much more switched on to your guests – whether you’re B2C or B2B.)

See how Gather’s data capture app works in the video below.

5. Capture quality data from competitions

It’s no revelation that competitions are a fun, effective way to raise brand awareness, collect customer data and generate leads. The ‘Pimms Spritz wedding dash’ certainly stood out among various creative competition ideas. Brides and grooms raced through London in wedding gear to win £8,000.

Competitions are one reason why a data capture app is useful for marketing teams

However, as well as your competition creating a memorable customer experience, you are ultimately after accurate, actionable data. If the quality of your customer data isn’t up to scratch, you may need to start all over again.

A data capture app provides a fun and engaging way to collect such high-quality data from competitions and prize draws. An easy-to-use interface using a minimal number of clicks creates a seamless customer experience. You can also create your own custom forms to detail how you’ll use data, and build in permission centres and compliant permission statements.

6. Comply with data protection laws

As a marketer, you’ll know better than most how important it is to collect customer data in compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. So, while there are various data collection methods, it’s important to choose one that’s right for your team.

Gather’s data collection app features integrated permissions you can customise to include everything from permission centres to permission statements. It includes positive customer opt-ins as standard. It holds all data within the European Economic Area in a secure, encrypted state from device to cloud. And it’s fully compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Why a data capture app is useful for marketing teams

A marketer’s role is varied. As such, you need tools versatile enough to help you respond to the different questions asked of you each day. A data capture app is one such tool to include in your repertoire. It will help you:

  1. Engage with customers
  2. Comply with data protection laws
  3. Capture customer data at product launches, competitions, events and more
  4. Generate sales leads
  5. Conduct market research
  6. Ensure your CRM strategy is based on accurate customer data

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