With Summer already here and festival season in full swing. The sporadic sunshine will have to do more to sway British marketeers from wanting to attend and exhibit at shows and festivals. In-person events allow brands to express themselves and interact with audiences on a much more personal level.

“58 percent of marketers consider conferences, trade shows, and other events to be important for improving the customer experience.”
– Michael Brenner

For B2B marketers, the appeal of in-person marketing is even higher. 67% believe events are their most effective content tool. What’s more is the opportunity to collect first-hand data on your customers, allowing you to expand your existing data sets to gain new insights into both your customer and how your product is being perceived by the public consciousness.

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We as marketers and sales professionals are spoilt for choice. Throughout the year we have the opportunity to visit anything from B2B conferences, trade shows and exhibitions to commercial music festivals, beer and food markets and conventions. The limits are really endless.

What is your lead capture strategy?

Recently we’ve been attending a lot of live events and what’s become most apparent is that event lead/data capture seems to be an afterthought for most brands.


The goal of wanting to capture as many leads as possible is probably shared by every company in attendance but the strategy rarely goes any further.

Things like experiential and sensory marketing strategies have been on the rise in recent years. Leaving brands that don’t incorporate these types of elements into their strategy falling by the wayside. If looking to place yourself on the commercial side of events, like music festivals. Where people are already having a good time brands must adapt to ensure an organic synergy between your brand and the event itself. The last thing you want is to stick out due to your apparent dissonance and give customers a lasting bad impression.

Without implementing a sound lead capture strategy brands are diving headfirst into their most lucrative marketing opportunities fighting an uphill battle.

Festival Activation Opportunities

With the UK being the music festivals capital of the world and the growth in popularity increasing exponentially there are a stream of events ready for attending. Making the months of June and August extremely lucrative for any brands willing to take advantage.

“40% of festival attendees said they went to more music festivals this year compared to last (41% attended the same amount), and over half plan to attend even more next year.”
- Eventbrite

Festival data capture offers brands access to a specific audience, especially the younger generations. Giving you a chance to get to know and integrate with tomorrow’s consumer.

At a time when inhibitions are lowered and people are looking for new experiences. Brands who intelligently take advantage of this are going to be the ones who reap the most ROI out of attending festivals.

By displaying eye catching stands and interesting activities brands can help to add, rather than take away from the experience festivals typically try to offer.

Take American jewellery brand ‘Alex and Ani’. Who sponsored Bonnaroo 2016 and created a special line of products just for the event and branded it as #musicallyinspired.

Alex and ani bonnaroo 2016 4

This smart categorising of the limited line was complemented by an extensive social media campaign. Coupled with appropriate hashtags to keep the brand relevant throughout the event and a giveaway competition for tickets to the festival. This interweaved strategy brought huge success to Bonnaroo, generating a buzz and increasing brand reach, gaining over 75k likes over the weekend for the trendy brand.

Offering authentic festival brand activation experiences

There are a number of creative ways to get involved with the festival season. A great example of this was at this year’s Glastonbury, or rather at this year’s A37 on the way to Glastonbury. ‘Benefit Cosmetics’ set up the “first-ever ‘brows and beauty drive-thru.”


On the way to Glastonbury’s camping site peoples were offered free eyebrow waxes and goodies including “necessary festival essentials” such as dry shampoo, wet-wipes and ponchos. This is a great example of experiential marketing done the right way. Not intruding on Glastonbury’s event but adding to the spectacle and having fun.

But don’t be afraid to get more conceptual with your integration with events. Take Visa’s interactive corridor at the Toronto Film Festival.

Used as a promotional tool for Visa’s contactless payment feature. Visa displayed a chrome corridor that when traversed through, festival goers experienced a unique show of light and sound specifically for them.

Vias contactless

Achieved through motion sensor technology anyone who walked though could control the light and sound patterns through their movements. Giving a sense that the sound and light were following any who entered.

At the end participants were greeted with ‘Boomerang’ videos of themselves displayed on a digital billboard. Right before being given the opportunity to purchase refreshments like popcorn through the use of Visa’s contactless payment system.

“Our sponsorship has really been developed to combine learning about our innovation with something unique and fun,”
- Brenda Woods, head of marketing for Visa Canada

Become a more meaningful brand

Consumers are gravitating towards more meaningful experiences and brands that offer real value.

Brands that are enhancing and joining these experiences are onto a winning strategy. But interrupt the fun at your peril, customers will remember the experiences that are detracting from their entertainment and not look kindly on you!

If you’re planning a festival brand activation, think about how data capture could enhance your ROI and talk to us today.

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