269 billion emails will be sent out today and another 269 billion will be sent tomorrow and another 269 billion after that. Arguably emails have become the most effective communication channel to contact business opportunities and stay in contact with sales prospects.

However, only 10% of email addresses collected are accurate. Imagine leaving the margin of error at 90% for any business practise? Its inefficient and impractical, human error can account for a lot of these. So, sourcing a data capture solution that can mitigate this through email validation will help improve data quality and ROI at any event.


Why is email validation important?

Email marketing provides brands with more options for timely and personalised marketing messaging than other channels. Such factors cause consumers who purchase products through email to spend on average 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.

So, email marketing techniques work, which is why it’s crucial you capture accurate data when you have the chance.

But trying to persuade prospects to part with what they now understand to be valuable information is an uphill battle. In fact, 60% of consumers say they intentionally provide false contact information when submitting personal details online. Maximising ROI for any marketing efforts can only come through smart implementation of data capture.

What an email validation tool can do for you

Email validation tools exist to remove the human error from your data capture process. Whether it’s from your staff or the prospects entering their details incorrectly or on purpose. Email validation prohibits the data entry process moving to the next step without a reliable, verified email address.


The main issues online validation tools tackle are to:

  • · Eliminate hard bounces that occur when supplied with an inactive or fictitious email.
  • · Reduce spam complaints
  • Saving you time and resources to be spent on real actionable data

By having an email verification system in place at your data capture process you're ensuring it’s having an effect on the front lines. Eliminating invalid data at the first step means the rest of your process can run efficiently. Email verification can help you save time, money and your reputation.

Offline email validation

Whilst most email validation tools will operate under the conditions of having a Wi-Fi connection. This does not help brands when attending outdoor events throughout the Summer months or events run by smaller organisers who can’t ensure a stable internet connection.

It’s worth to note that typically the more engaging and attractive the live event is the less likely it is to have a stable internet connection. So, if your planning on attending some high-grade events be wary the number of people in attendance can eat up the available Wi-Fi. It’s wise to always plan for the worst-case scenario no matter the pedigree or brand attached to the event.


Luckily a few select services offer their email validation components in an offline format. Of course, you are not able to upload these contacts to your CRM but you can rest easy knowing any prospect data captured without an internet connection will cache and sync to your CRM once an internet connection is established.

With offline email validation, you are able to capture data with the same confidence whether you're connected to the internet or not as invalid emails will still be rejected. Allowing you to keep your databases free of clutter and only filled with information you can use for marketing and sales efforts later down the line.

Case in point: A lesson from our clients

With event season in high gear the last couple of months we have been hard at work helping old and new clients get the most out of their time at these shows. For instance, one of our smaller brands were able to average collecting 100 leads per day.

IMG 2193

With the importance on email validation specifically for them as prospects could fill out their form to be entered in their prize draw. With the only piece of data, they were wanting to collect being email addresses it was paramount that they were valid.

When one piece of data is so crucial for post-event marketing, it’s even more important to validate this data. It’s also more likely you will collect data in larger volumes if you are asking for just one piece of customer information.

Through our offline email validation, we’ve equipped our clients with the tools they need to collect customer data without the worry of acquiring invalid information along the way.

With Gather we focus on carrying as much of the load as possible allowing you to focus your time on what truly matters. The customer. Get in touch about how to collect more of the customer data that matters to your brand.

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