With the amount you hear about storing your data in the cloud, it seems to be the technology of today rather than tomorrow. But what actually are cloud-based services?

Utilising cloud-based services for systems, such as your CRM, means it is hosted within the cloud and not physically on-premise. This allows for access to your data through the internet, granting any users with credentials access to the customer information at any time.

With your CRM hosted through the cloud, flexibility is your new best friend. Having your customer data management optimised for viewing through mobile and tablet devices has paved the way for less restraining working environments.

Cloud-based services - Looking ahead

The term CRM previously conjured up imagery of clunky, expensive hardware that required an entire team of IT specialists continually working on installations and maintenance. However, with the introduction of cloud technology, today’s CRM systems offer almost endless functionality and versatility.

With technological advancements, CRM’s are now more accessible and user-friendly than ever. Catering towards the specifics, which allow them to come in a variety of solutions. From SME’s to large enterprises all can and should be taking full advantage. With flexible costs, low maintenance and easy deployment, the possibilities for use really do extend far and wide.

Blur Data Capture

The ease of access has managed to solve a lot of problems for businesses. Although the responsibility still lies with the company to ensure a sophisticated, smart data capture solution, as having a CRM system without clean data is pretty much pointless.

Benefit from having your head in the clouds

With the market already seemingly dictating that cloud-based services are part of the business landscape today, it’s easy to understand how the businesses that adopt cloud-based CRM software sooner, will be better adapted for future advancements.

“Worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will more than double over the 2019-2023 forecast period”
International Data Corporation
  • Hassle free installation (or lack thereof) – With the only requirement being an internet connection, any company can benefit from coupling itself with a cloud-based CRM option. Being “IT worry free” you can be up and running in as long as it takes to sign up.
  • Ease of use – With advancements in our expectations of tech usability, every software manufacturer has to take this into account these days. It’s in the best interests of these companies to offer a product that functions with ease. The system selected needs to be fit for your data and usable for your team, even if you may need to outsource some elements of Data Services. This coupled with the accessibility means you never have to worry about maintaining your customer data, just have it ready to access whenever you need. Take a look at our blog on why you should outsource you data management.
  • Accessibility – Possibly the most useful function to come out of cloud-based services like CRM’s is the round the clock access you have to your customer data. Being able to quickly lookup a contacts phone number or email address from your mobile and even amending sales proposals out of the office, it’s all possible. Having access to your CRM data on any device, at any time, is the true testament to our modern business times.
  • Flexible integration – The need for information exchange between available technologies in modern business is crucial. Compatibility with other software is key to ensuring a CRM’s longevity. Having outbound contact and pre data capture integrations working effortlessly with your cloud-based service is the key to successful customer data management.

Adopting cloud-based services for your business

With the way the landscape is going, integrating with cloud-based services is critical for commercial success. Imagine what a company could achieve with the right data and quick access to it? The future belongs to the brands who can marry these two aspects and finding the solution has become easier than ever before.

If you’re looking to find a smart integrated Data Capture solution to go along with your Cloud-Based CRM or a Data Services team to manage and oversee your customer data, then take a look and see what we can do for you.

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