After the year we’ve had everyone is keen to see what’s in store for events marketing and of course data capture in 2021. But how did last year change customer expectations and what will the event industry’s comeback look like?


An increase in attendance and data

In 2020 the events industry adapted fast, seeing an extremely quick jump from organisers to start hosting virtual events.

2020 has driven us closer to a hybrid future in events that lies between live and virtual events with a focus on live (this is after all what events are about!). This means event sign-up and attendance will continue to rise far above what just live events have achieved by themselves.

Companies like ‘MeetingPlay’ have claimed that in some cases, their clients have reported increases in attendee rates of over 400% which is a staggering figure to wrap your head around. This means that any companies who missed out exhibiting last year that plan to get involved this year are going to need to be prepared to deal with huge reems of data.

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A move to self-service data capture for events

Although last year was a bit of a write-off when it came to live events, we are optimistically hoping (with all fingers crossed) that with the steady rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations live events will make a triumphant comeback, by the time outdoor events would be in full swing in the summer.

However, it would be naïve to assume that when live events come back that they’re going to operate as they did pre-COVID, even with a vaccine we can be sure that in crowded spaces certain health & safety precautions will stick around at least for a while.

Masks and regular sanitisation will still be in play. Customers could easily be put off approaching a masked salesperson as we’ve been conditioned over the past year to keep our space from people.

This is why we’re sure exhibitors will be looking to source point of sales (PoS), self-service data capture kiosks.

What are the benefits of self-service data capture?

User-operated data capture frees up your event stand, it can persuade potential customers who may otherwise be too intimidated to engage with your sales staff. Allowing them to simply walk up and sign up to any competition or webinar you may be running.

“66 percent of shoppers prefer self-service technology over interacting with the retail sales associate.”

Not to mention the increase in data accuracy using something like a kiosk gives you, as leads can insert their own hard to spell names, correct any automated address look-up that may be missing data etc.

Using a self-service PoS (doesn’t have to be special tech, just an iPad in a secure stand does the job) leaves your sales staff free to interact with anyone who actually wants to engage, which can vastly increase the ROI of your event.

Competition is high

With companies chomping at the bit to get back to event marketing it’s safe to assume that competition for your customer’s attention is going to be high, and as always, the use of incentives to capture data will be a key player.

Brands will be utilising competition entry, gamifying or giveaways to make the most out of every event opportunity to capture valuable customer data.

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