We know you’re all eager to get back to the way things were, you want to get out there and use this Summer to attend, mingle and network. However, maybe we should be using this period of uncertainty to ask ourselves should everything go back to the way it was? Or can we use this pause in the events industry to adapt and innovate?

A conscious move to paperless

Live events are never going to die, the real experiences people feel and the connection to new brands and people is something digital solutions just cannot replicate.


However, this current epidemic of COVID-19 will inevitably make us more conscious of what we hand out and receive from people. Business cards, in particular, are something that is essential to the networking and sales process but the handing out of them is a little outdated.

With an OCR powered business card scanner app you can quickly capture a picture of a lead’s business card and instantly have the information in a digital form, ready to upload into your CRM instantly ready for marketing purposes.

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Futureproofing the planet

With more people moving to automated business card scanning as opposed to manual data input, the need for those ridiculous orders of 1000 business cards that are still sitting on your desk will drop.

Making one ton of paper requires four trees and emits more than 1.5 tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

Professionals could then print a fraction of that 1000 plus order, or even just have one business card that gets scanned in any networking scenario. If this trend grew to such a level in which it became the norm, we could all take pleasure in the fact that our carbon footprint would be just that little bit smaller.

The power of OCR

Unless you like waiting for a picture of your data to get sent to across borders, manually transcribed by a human and sent back to you over a matter of days or weeks, then you are probably looking for an OCR powered solution. If your “business card scanner” has an SLA then it’s probably not using OCR.

An OCR powered business card scanner app isn’t like a traditional scanner, as it accurately transcribes written data from a photograph into a digital format instantly.


When handling data you want as little human interaction as possible, most inaccuracies found in any company database will be there through human error. With OCR you are cutting out another human process and leaving as little room as possible for bad data entering your CRM.

Treat data with trust and care

As previously stated with any business card scanner app that doesn’t utilise OCR software you can’t be 100% sure as to where this data is going to be transcribed, and anything less than 100% certainty just isn’t enough.

Compliant data capture from the very beginning will not only help put your business at ease knowing you’re following growing global regulations but will put your customers at ease knowing their personal data is being looked after and not exploited.

Setting the example

At Gather we are using this time to analyse whether it would be best to go back to exactly how things used to be. The benefit of a pause in the industry like this is we can take a step back and self-reflect on what we can do to better the events industry.


We feel that incorporating a business card scanner app into any businesses’ data capture process will not only pave the way for streamlined customer journeys but allow us to take a step in the right direction to leave this industry and planet in a better state than we found it.

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