Getting business cards into digital format with a business card scanner app is a no-brainer. It’s quick, accurate and keeps all your customer information digital. But beyond the obvious benefits here are some you might not have thought about. We all love a good business card, the tactile representation of your professional persona encapsulated in a handy wallet-sized card. Even today, with the explosion of the paperless movement, we continue to print an impressive 27 million business cards per day. That’s a lot of printed data. What’s more, we still place value on these cards. Apparently 72 per cent of people judge a company by the quality of a person’s business card. But, regardless of foil coating, quadruple thickness or velvet texture, turning those printed contact details into actionable data is where the real value lies.

Capture accurate customer data

Inaccurate data can be a thorn in the side for many. But up to 42 per cent of sales professionals feel they don’t have the right data when following up a lead. Inaccuracies can creep in taking down prospect details, or later on in data management. In contrast, a business card scanner quickly and efficiently turns printed text into editable data with 99 per cent accuracy. It also automatically transfers the data you capture to a centralised portal in a secure, encrypted form. Accurate Customer Data

Fundamentally flexible

Everything you need for a business card scanner app is on your phone. So precision comes without any need for extra kit. But you can actually work across any device or operating system: mobile, tablet, Android and iOS. Plus you can scan in a number of languages, keeping international doors open.

No fuss compliance

With 25 May 2018 a fading memory, the GDPR should now have become habit for anyone dealing with personal data. A business card scanner means you can get consent as you collect data. GDPR opt-in permissions are built in as standard, so you can always be confident you’re using your data for the right purposes.

Create bespoke lead capture forms

A business card app also lets you create and access multiple custom forms, helping you gain insights into prospects and customers. What’s more, you can create responsive, dynamic forms that react intelligently to customer responses. Suzuki generated qualified leads with a lead capture appSuzuki, for example, was able to target its consumer demographic using bespoke forms designed around their customer and systems. Meaning Suzuki saw a 50 per cent increase in sales leads.

Integrate with CRM and MAP systems

A business card scanner is a versatile piece of event technology you can take with you to exhibitions, events, and product launches. But you can also use it to capture leads, conduct brand research and run competitions. However you choose to use it, a business card scanner app lets you add, amend and look up customer data wherever you are. This is thanks to smart CRM and MAP integrations, which integrate data into your back-office and CRM systems in real time. gather data capture crm map integration

Capture data offline

A business card scanner app also provides a secure, intelligent way to collect information without a signal. Its online-offline capability means you can collect data wherever your customer is. The data you capture then syncs automatically with the cloud and your back-office systems when connected to the internet. Why not see how Gather’s smart, secure and easy-to-use data capture app works for yourself? Book your 7-day free trial.

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