With less than one month to go until the government’s restrictions ease on pilot events, are you aware of the new guidelines in place?

Emphasis has been put on creating a safe space for exhibitions and with it some unexpected consequences affecting how exhibitors are going to function. Mainly with wanting to source their own software solutions rather than relying on event suppliers to do so.

What exactly is happening?

The government has announced that starting from 1st October small pilot and business events will be able to go ahead. This comes after some confusion surrounding the comeback of live events amidst the COVID outbreaks; however, this does leave us in high anticipation to see the revival of events after a long hiatus.

What is changing?

In response to the government’s decision members from the:

  • Association of Event Organisers (AEO)
  • Association Event Venues (AEV)
  • Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA)

Have launched the ‘All Secure Standard’, a risk assessment based framework for business events and consumer shows which take place in meetings, conferencing and exhibition centres to operate in a post-COVID world.

ROE Cornerstones

The four ‘cornerstones’ broken down in this document are:

  • Social distancing
  • Cleaning/Hygiene
  • Protect and detect
  • Communication

This encompasses everything from attendee admission and density to venue cleansing before and after the event takes place.

The move to digital

The All Secure Standard contains the guidelines for events to be carried out in the safest possible way for both attendees and exhibitors. One example of a modern solution to this pandemic is the increased use of technology for event registration.

“The use of mobile and digital technologies can facilitate seamless and contactless access upon entry and exit. Additionally, digital credentials can eliminate physical badges and lanyards where appropriate and enable contact tracing.”

This move to online registration provides event organisers with an achievable solution to minimise the direct contact at select touchpoints throughout an event.

Be prepared with exhibition data capture

With the events industry looking like it’s about to be invigorated with a breath of life, it would be wise to start preparing yourselves for its return. Sourcing your own data capture solution may mean you stay ahead of the competition if anything were to change in the All Secure Standard.

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For example, it has already stated with online registration processes in place “digital credentials can eliminate physical badges and lanyards.” So, it’s not too hard to imagine event suppliers may not be supplying hardware like barcode scanners to capture individual visitor data.

So how would you follow up on anyone who expressed interest in your brand?

Its crucial exhibitors are pro-active when it comes to data capture and finding a specialist to source your software from may be the smartest option available.

Gather your solution

Gather’s exhibition data capture software offers a simple and elegant solution in the form of an app, throwing away the needless hardware, and the costs that come with it, in favour of using familiar, affordable tools like your Android or IOS device.

“Gather has transformed the way we capture customer data and have been very supportive partners.”
Rolls Royce

The Gather capture app also allows you to capture customer data in whatever way suits you and your companies sales style. Forms can be crafted specifically for your events and filled out manually or automatically through our OCR powered business card scanner. If you sales representative controls the tablet, then there is no need for leads to handle paper forms or pens.

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This lets you take a quick picture of your leads business card and the forms fill out right there and then ready for you to upload to your integrated CRM in less than 60 seconds. This can eliminate the need to physically exchange business cards, with a kind of contactless data entry.

We offer a variety of different solutions that work in a variety of different environments ranging from:

With less than a month until restrictions on events start to ease off, take a look at some of our case studies and see how we’ve helped our client base unlock the value in their customer data.

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