This year’s event season is such a crucial one for our industry and event planners are understandably cautious. However, with things like micro events starting to become part of the conversation, there is hope for a space that can entice both exhibitors and attendees to come to fruition.

We’ve had our ears to the ground this past year and have listened to the clients we work very closely with to understand what it is they want out of this fresh start for events.

Below are three examples of how event data collection methods may change in 2021 as a response to the global pandemic.

F2 F Interactions

Connecting your brand to people: Branded forms

The power of face-to-face interactions during events can never be understated, I’m sure we’re all well aware of this after the year we’ve had, having a face to put to the company can really help spark a reaction and leave a lasting impact on leads.

This is why having your event staff equipped with the tools to allow conversation and interaction to flourish is so crucial for a successful event.

You strive to build a brand persona and implement this throughout your design, messaging, sales pitches, event stands etc. to keep a consistent feel throughout the customer journey. Your data collection methods can be used to your advantage to reinforce your identity.

With branded forms, you can keep a level of consistency that creates the right experience for potential leads you encounter at events.


Turning a paper process digital: Business card scanner

The main focus of your event data collection methods should be to gain accurate usable data. One of the best ways to increase the accuracy of the lead data that ends up in your CRM is to remove as much human control in the collection process as possible.

Humans are an integral part of your lead capture process but work best when focussing on fostering and nurturing the relationship between your brand and a potential client.

By leaving the actual collection of data to an optical character recognition (OCR) business card scanner you can vastly increase the accuracy of the data you collect whilst streamlining the whole process.

By using this digital form of data collection, you can also alleviate any physical contact by removing the exchanging of business cards between a prospect and event staff. In a post-COVID landscape, this will be crucial moving forward as social distancing measures are sure to stick around for a while, so by utilising a business card scanner you can greatly reduce the risk of spreading potential viruses via physical documents.

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With an OCR powered business card scanner collecting lead data is as quick as taking a picture, that is then processed and instantly populated into your forms and can be uploaded to your CRM within 60 seconds of the initial collection. Allowing for quicker follow-up so you can stay at the forefront of your leads mind before they visit another stand.


Interaction in your customer’s hands: Kiosk data collection

With the nervous anticipation surrounding the return of the face-to-face exhibition, it might be wise to expect this same hesitation in attendees as well as organisers. Incorporating ways to interact with your brand without human interaction might be the key to success for 2021 events.

What a kiosk form does is enable your events sales staff to focus on the visitors that really want that human interaction, whilst ensuring you don’t lose potential leads by offering more touchpoints for visitors to interact with. You are opening your stand to more leads and the amount of data you collect will reflect this post-event.

It is worth keeping in mind that incorporating kiosk data capture in 2021 does require some added maintenance in this post-COVID landscape. Regular sanitation and wiping down of any kiosks will be a must in any event space for the foreseeable. But with the benefits that come with them, it’s worth giving these a chance in your 2021 event strategy.

Interactive kiosks also give you a chance to take your leads on a journey and offer a great opportunity for experiential marketing with competitions, personalised follow-up emails and more. The more memorable an experience you have at your stand, the more invested leads will feel with your brand.

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