A significant proportion of the UK’s elderly population is currently within care and residential homes. With an estimated rise to one in four people aged 65 or over by 2040, the care sector is going to need to adapt, with modern challenges comes modern solutions.

Why care homes need our help

Care homes are currently suffering from various factors that are incapacitating the level of care they can offer such as;

  • Loss of beds
  • Reduction of council fees
  • The rising cost of medical supplies
  • Minimum wage increase

These surrounding pressures care homes are facing will undoubtedly cause the level of care being offered to suffer.


Helping our care homes become more sustainable and run more effectively should be a top priority.

Streamlining outbreak response

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the need for quick response time on possible outbreaks has never been more apparent. With this in mind, it’s crucial for health care providers to assess the potential for streamlining their carer’s processes.


As stated in our last blog “The ability to enhance a care home’s capacity to support wellness and leisure is fundamental to running successfully. The best way to increase the quality of care your residents receive is to free up carers’ time from administrative processes with innovative care home technology.”

The more time your carers have in a day to focus on residents as opposed to filling out forms, checking spreadsheets or chasing other members of staff for information, the better they can care for their residents.

Getting a jump on a suspected outbreak

To help them stay ahead of any potential outbreaks, care homes need something that can evaluate a daily input of data to help signal when something is escalating.


Early warning systems are a great piece of tech that allows users to understand their care home on a manageable timeframe. Taking just 30 seconds out of your staff’s day to input one set of data, you are in turn, giving them back potential hours or days in the time it may have taken to identify and react to a potential outbreak.

Transparency through data

Whether you want to look at today's, last weeks or this month’s data it’s all there waiting for to you to review. Getting a clear picture of your care homes, simply at a glance.

The daily input of data allows our software to evaluate when a potential outbreak may be occurring. Easily recognisable through a traffic light system where if you see anything other than green you know some form of action should take place.


After just one month of daily data inputs the truth behind your data starts to unravel, previously opening up insights that would otherwise not be as apparent.

The ability to get such a clear and decisive message across to the staff who need it means the time cut down from warning sign to action can be drastically reduced.

An early warning system and the information it offers really is like peering through a window into the inner workings of your care home.

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