You’re probably all starting to get settled into our new norm of remote working. Waking up in the morning, and making the painful commute from your bed to your desk is a task in itself.

It’s an awkward process for us as the schedule that breaks up work from play has been disrupted, but entering our second full week should’ve given plenty of time to acclimate.

It’s an important time for businesses to appropriately designate tasks for this imposed ‘quiet period’.

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A good opportunity for a Spring clean

Is there anything better than a good ol’ spring clean? No, the answer’s no. Nothing quite beats heading into a new season with a clean slate and I’m obviously talking about data sets; you knew that right?

Nearly 67% of businesses rely on CRM data for growth of their bottom line. Yet, an astonishing 94% of B2B companies suspect inaccuracy in their database.

This period of self-isolation is a perfect opportunity to ensure your CRM is in perfect working order. Ready for what is likely to be a busy Q3 and Q4 and certainly a bolstered 2021.

The importance of clean data sets

With up-to-date data sets you’re in a position to offer the best customer experience possible. Accurate data can really help you get to know who your customers are, understanding this can inform later marketing campaigns to entice new prospects or effectively carry out personalised retention campaigns for existing users.

More than 85% of mobile marketers report success with personalization — higher engagement, revenue, conversions.
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The quality of your data has a direct impact on your ability to make informed business decisions. Offering a memorable customer experience can only be achieved through these insights and not having access to them hurts your conversion rates, ROI and reputation with customers.

What goes into a data cleanse?

It’s quite simple really, a data cleanse is the process of going through your existing data and either removing or updating any inaccuracies, addressing formatting issues or removing duplicated values.

Data Cleansing Monitor

3 simple steps to cleanse your data

Monitor errors

  • Tracking when and how errors are made in the first place will help you understand where errors are most likely to occur in the future.
  • This knowledge can be used to identify and narrow down where to look if you suspect an error in your data set later down the line.

Update contact info

  • Collecting data is all well and good but complacent data storage will only result in it becoming outdated.
  • People move and change phone numbers often
  • You must incorporate a process in which clients can send you updates to contact information or other desired fields you keep in your CRM.

Standardise your capture process

  • You must ensure your point of entry for data is kept uniform.
  • New employees must be informed of how you carry out data capture and want your data to appear in your CRM and stick to it. Consistency is key.
  • Diverging from your standardised format will lead to usability issues later down the line, decreasing accuracy.

After a data cleansing process, you should be left with only high quality, actionable data that will help, not hinder your marketing campaigns.

Outsourcing Data Cleansing During Quarantine

Although explaining a data cleanse might be simple, the carrying out of this process is far from it. This cleansing can often be very time consuming and expensive to keep in-house. Outsourcing data management has become increasingly popular with companies who want specialist expert knowledge.

Being able to relieve some of the stress of data caretaking by handing over the responsibility to data experts is a huge plus for outsourcing. Having that wealth of knowledge from a collective of seasoned data handlers leaves your data in good hands.

CRM Integration Data Analysis

Our team is also dedicated to nothing but the handling of your data, whereas in-house this role would most likely have to be juggled with alongside some IT responsibilities or the Account Management of your clients. This leaves more room for error and less focus on attaining accuracy.

What’s best of all, is that a lot of data scientists are able to work remotely, so any data cleansing you wanted to tackle over this COVID-19 period you could easily find right now.

If after reading this you feel compelled to use this quarantine period as a chance to better your businesses’ data sets, through cleansing, then enquire with us today about a free data audit by scrolling down this link.

Or read how we helped fortnightly magazine and online content platform Real Deals audit a database of over a million records and continue to support and provide quality control.

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