With the events industry grinding to a sudden halt last year due to COVID restrictions and lockdown, we are seeing something of a resurgence and with that an evolution in events and the industry as a whole.

Where traditionally companies may have chosen to exhibit at large established events to take advantage of all pull those established events have, now the uncertainty of larger third-party events has led to a renaissance in the self-managed events space.

It seems that some companies have realised there may be more value in taking hold of the reins themselves in favour of self-managed events rather than the traditional methods we’re all used to.

What do self-managed events offer?

Freedom SME

Increase your reach with more freedom

Some of the clients we’ve spoken to this year are hosting a number of smaller events dotted around the country. This is allowing them to reduce the scale of each individual event whilst drastically increasing their reach.

Instead of hosting a single event in somewhere like London for example and hoping it's convenient for the majority of your audiences, you are actually going to where your audiences are. This allows you to utilise the geographic aspect of demographic data more. Why not take advantage of Google Analytics geographic reports to see where your audience is physically based? Or dive into your CRM to see where the gaps in your reach might be geographically?

Not only is this quite refreshing for eventgoers to have an event come to them for once, but as we discussed in our recent blog on how to increase event attendance by having the event closer to your attendees, the level of effort for them to attend is drastically reduced and therefore means they’re more likely to attend.

SME Expectations

Create more of an experience for your attendees

By reducing the scale of each event, you are free to focus much more on crafting a cohesive experience for your attendees. Unrestrained by the thematises of a third-party host event you are left creatively free to make an impact with your audience, opening up endless experiential potential.

By working on your event from the invite stage, you have complete control over what data you choose to collect, your brand messaging and any communications with your audience. This allows you to ensure consistency with your messaging and tone delivered from the registration process and pre-event communications right the way through to post-event follow-ups and marketing campaigns.

Campaign SME

Increase brand awareness by making it a campaign

By designing your event to have some form of unique experiential factor from the start you can use this as a chance to create a campaign and market yourself to the public in a new and interesting way that using traditional exhibition means wouldn’t allow for. Integrating your physical events with your social media presence is ideal to maximise the impact of the unique experiential factor.

If you’re looking to organise your own event this year, then book yourself a demo with our Event Manager platform.

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