With responsibilities focussed on closing sales, earning commission and representing your brand out in public spaces, sales teams can look at logging customer data as a superfluous chore.

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Data as a sales tool

With accurate customer data, you hold the key to:

  • Delivering exceptional customer experience
  • Harmonise sales & marketing efforts
  • Making informed decisions

Data-driven selling requires consistent maintenance to sustain accurate records. But why not look at data as giving your team a competitive advantage?

“84% of sales leaders say they rely on data, but only 2% claim to have a real grasp of it .”

Data-driven sales strategy doesn’t mean drowning your sales execs in a sea of admin, but rather supplying a tool to record customer interactions and build rapport.

Accurate data informs your marketing and sales campaigns further down the pipeline.


Personalise sales funnels

A data capture app will help your sales execs instantly meet, greet and input prospects to your sales pipeline with automatic lead insertion. Streamlining the whole process to offer a smoother customer experience whilst having contact information in your CRM within seconds.

Capturing customer data can add to your sales process:

  • Personalised information on lead interests
  • Validated contact data for telephone and email, minimising human error

Automated, personalised and timely follow up emails to keep prospects warm

“Such personalisation can deliver five to eight times the return on investment on marketing expenditure, and can lift sales by 10 percent or more.”
McKinsey & Company

Real-time data allows marketing and sales teams to help nurture leads with personalised and responsive follow-up collateral. Unifying the two teams with reliable information that can be geared towards securing the sale, renewals and increasing upsells and cross-sells.

Making the most of face to face

Your sales staff have one chance to make a first impression.

The opportunity shouldn’t be spent sporadically trying to note down important contact information - where inaccuracies are a certainty.

SDCA Face2 Face

This time is better spent building the rapport between buyer and seller. Using sales team’s charm and product knowledge to secure the sale.

Using a data capture app, a simple business card scan can have a form filled out and data sent to your CRM in seconds. Allowing breathing room for the sales pitch to flow, increasing the chances of a prospect becoming a client.

Opening up the possibilities

Using a data capture app in the sales process removes a certain level of stress for your sales team. Giving sales teams the confidence to know they can capture prospect details wherever they are.

SDCA Event

Online, offline, outside or in, your sales personnel will never be caught in a situation where they cannot act. A lead’s contact details can be sitting in your CRM, waiting to be utilised in seconds.

Remove the admin burden

Your top priority should be making it as easy as for your sales staff to secure the sale. By gifting them a data capture app you take all the hard work and effort away from sorting out customer data. Freeing up headspace for your sales team to do what only they can – build strong relationships and rapport to drive sales.

All whilst being able to capture data anywhere at any time.

Our data capture app’s intuitive UI can be used on Apple or Android mobiles and tablets, so 99% of sales teams will have familiarity with these devices, making adoption that much easier.

If reading this has piqued your interest in how to secure the sale with a data capture app, check out our customer case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients, or book a free trial.

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