We break down the three key components needed for self-managed event success.


1. Set the tone

When setting up your own event the responsibility of market positioning and branding falls to you, the organiser. This creates a lot of work but also presents a lot of opportunities, giving you the chance to create the perfect space for your target customers to engage with your brand.

The tone should be consistent across all parts of your event set up affecting:

  • Venue
  • Signage
  • Giveaways
  • Sales staff/ Sales approach

To achieve your KPIs, you must first establish the theme and your audience, this will, in turn, inform your event marketing strategy and sales approach further down the line.

Aim to create a cohesive journey from start to finish, this includes pre-event marketing and even the registration process. A branded event registration site will give off a much more polished and professional feel than using a tool like Eventbrite.

It’s the events that go that extra mile in these small details that leave a lasting impact on their audiences.

SME Expectations

2. Over-deliver for your audience

Defining your audience clearly from the outset will enable you to cater to their expectations. Ask yourself what does your audience want, what do they need and how can you keep them engaged?

Look to exceed these expectations as research has shown:

Customers who have positive experiences are likely to spend 140% more than those reporting a negative experience. They are also likely to mention positive experiences to an average of 9 people.
Monitor Deloitte

A great way to add instant value to your event is one-off experiences, one example of this would be Instagram worthy photo opportunities. By creating unique and aesthetic photo opportunities throughout your event space you create an interactive environment for attendees to experience.

Other one-off experiences include:

  • Interactive games
  • Giveaways/Competitions
  • Positive face-to-face interactions with event staff
SME G Oals

3. Never lose sight of your goals

It’s all well and good creating a space that leaves an initial impact on your audiences, the layout and visual motif of your event space is important. However, you must not lose focus on the reason people are at your event in the first place.

Horses for courses

If you’re launching a product, brand or encouraging product awareness, you would be looking to prioritise signage and interactions that encourage social sharing.

If you were to invite your best customers to an exclusive relationship-building event then customer retention and upselling would typically be the goals. Tailored attention from salespeople and “test driving” new products or services could be the key to success for an event like this.

Or if you’re throwing an event to expand your customer base, an easy and reliable lead capture system would help you achieve your goals and expand your CRM.

If you're looking to host an event this year, then get in touch below with one of our experts and see if our event management software can be the key to your event’s success.

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