Data laws are changing

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a radical overhaul of existing data laws. It changes how your business can use and store customer data.

The GDPR applies to all EU citizens from 25 May 2018. New rights for individuals and responsibilities for businesses are key components of the legislation. Maximum fines for non-compliance will increase to €20m or four per cent of annual turnover.

Our apps make data consent easy

Gather's apps integrate GDPR-compliant permission statements. You can feel assured that you're getting consent to use each person's data, in a format that's traceable to a device, whether it's a tablet or smartphone.

Speak to our team about how our apps can help you with the new data protection laws.

Steps to GDPR compliance

Businesses need to ask existing customers to opt-in again if they want to continue to use their data. To help you make sense of the GDPR changes, we've created a GDPR infographic with 10 steps to prepare your business for data compliance.


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