You may think that pre-launch marketing is an uphill struggle to generate interest in a product or service that is not yet in existence.

Can this struggle actually be an opportunity? Instead of feeling like you’re pushing people to pay attention, clever pre-launch marketing can instead generate pull from your audience to see an exclusive sneak peek and be the first to get a new product or service.

In fact, pre-marketing is an opportunity for you to showcase the direction your brand is moving in, exciting future developments and competitive advancements in your product or service.

For this style of campaign, close affiliation with PR is a must! Building enough of a “buzz” and connecting with the right influencers/ promoters is key to generating that demand that allows a product to sell itself.

Keep me informed

A keep me informed or (KMI) campaign is a way of keeping inactive prospects engaging with your brand. By keeping them interested or ‘informed’ on products and services they’re interested in that are scheduled for future releases.

Megaphone min

This unrelenting dangling of the carrot in front of their nose will continue engagement as they eagerly await the product or service you can offer in the future.

Carrying out a KMI campaign is a pretty straightforward process, however, requires a certain level of elegance. The first step is your interaction with prospects and how you incorporate data capture into the mix.

Keep form fields few and simple. To keep the process easy and quick just get the essentials like name (first and last) and 1 piece of contact information (email address).

Having a form of data capture that restricts non-reliable leads from getting through will drastically increase ROI on efforts put towards this type of campaign. A recent feature that has proven hugely popular with brands is the ability to instantly validate emails.

Something we offer in our app that means the process cannot be carried out without a reliable email address. Guaranteeing every lead you capture is one that can be of use to you.

This process by design is extremely efficient, allowing the possibility to add large numbers of prospects to your data sets. Requiring such minimal amounts of data per person means you keep the customer experience pleasant and far from jarring.


After collection

Teaser content

Creating a sense of mystique around an event or product is a great way to spark interest. By keeping information minimal but making visual content interesting you can sell someone something without them even knowing what it is. Fyre festival, although a commercial failure, is a testament to the power of good pre-marketing.

The simplicity of their 'orange tile' coupled with the social powerhouses of the cultures biggest influencers caused an instant desire and infatuation with something that was completely unknown.

Seeing models and celebrities posting this inconspicuous orange tile to their Instagram accounts with a relatively vague caption something to the likes of “CANT wait for #FyreFestival Coming soon” captured the imagination of anyone who came across it. The marketing of Fyre festival catered to the aspirational effect and with millennial's much documented trait of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) it couldn’t of worked better for the folks over at Fyre Festival.


However, in hindsight we know it was a short-lived victory, but this is the power strategic pre-marketing can have for a brand. The possibilities really are endless.

Go across channels

Complement your offline marketing efforts with online components. Any outreach mail or email promotion should be coupled with a relevant online accompaniment like targeted Facebook or social advertising.

Take Channel 4’s campaign for their TV show ‘Humans’. Timed with the release of their TV ads Channel 4 set up a shop in Regent Street offering consumers the chance to bid on synthetic human robots or ‘synths’, which links to the lore of their TV show.

“The stunt had whipped up a social media furore, trending on Google UK” claimed the television network. With the use of the hashtag #Humans anyone could easily get involved and see the interactions with these two-meter-high digital robots mimicking the passers-by.


Your audience doesn’t have a chance to forget you when you’re hitting online and offline touch points in an engaging way, building anticipation.

Take pre-orders

We spoke earlier about how mystique works great to generate interest in a product or service but something along similar lines that works just as well is exclusivity, or the implication thereof.

By iterating there are only a certain number of spaces or products listed at a certain price to your email customers and sign-ups, you can make them feel like they’re getting an exclusive deal on a product they already have interest in. By using this implied exclusivity to generate pre-orders the potential is there to switch unengaged prospects into active buyers.

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