As anyone who’s gone through an enterprise-level software integration will tell you, it’s rarely a smooth process. Large corporations contain multiples level of management and this can often cause an elongated sign off process.

It’s not easy to change long-established working processes, that have been used by a large group of people across different departments and locations.

Change is a scary prospect for most, but it is essential for a brand to stay ahead of the curve. So how can you see that your organisation successfully embraces the change?

Executive sponsorship

Getting budget approval for an enterprise software investment is one thing, but extending that role of leadership beyond just budget is key for encouraging adoption amongst staff.


Executives can bolster adoption by showing their support through dedicating budget to adequate training and resource development. Support cannot end with the selection of software but needs to be planned right through to implementation.

Consider the user and their technical competency

When deciding on software for your company it’s important to keep in mind the people who will be using it.

More often than not, executives will prioritise functionality, leaving usability as an afterthought. This, however, is counter-intuitive, as the level of usability will directly impact the function that piece of software can serve.

You don’t want to alienate staff from software that ends up getting approved by decision-makers. Considering your users before software selection will save some time and stress later down the line with software rollout.

Taking into account the UI and usability of software should be at the top of your criteria and if this proves hard to distinguish then including the users in your decision process is your best option. Let them tell you what they require out of a solution and work around that.

Deployment teams and communication

Having in place a dedicated group of IT experts who understand the functionality of a piece of software can help combat any initial snags that users run into.


With a team geared specifically towards the deployment of software, staff have a singular location to express any issues/ concerns they have. Allowing a diversity of voices to be heard and relayed to decision-makers who can adjust software and communicate the solution to others.

Establishing streams of communication between the decision-makers and the staff will help set expectations. With regular updates regarding milestones, execs can help boost and maintain user adoption.

Measure & Communicate

Communicating changes to your staff ahead of time, will help keep your employees in the loop and feel as like their part of the process.

Planning reminders and timely updates for your staff is crucial in making sure they stick with new software and don’t fall back into bad habits. The longer staff go without hearing updates on software changes the sooner staff forget or start to lose interest.

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Putting a plan in place to track adoption and usage will allow you to directly see the effectiveness of your software adoption plan, as well as the willingness by staff to engage with your integration plan. Allowing you to make amendments where you see fit.

Rolling out software on a small scale first if possible, can help find and fix any snags in your process. Rolling software out to one department first will mitigate further problems when scaling up, allowing you to get an idea of what to do and what not to do.

Making the right decisions

It may sound simple, but successful software adoption in your enterprise organisation largely relies on choosing the right solution. Keeping your users in mind, you should be able to derive what solution will work best in your working environment.

Don’t be scared to open up the discussion and bring in opinions other than yours. Understanding what your organisation needs and your team understanding what you require of them will help smooth the adoption process.

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