As we continue to adjust to the online nature of events, we want to keep researching and reporting on the latest happenings in the events landscape. So last week we attended Salesforce live: UK & Ireland’s.

Traditionally Salesforce Live is a huge in-person event attracting thousands of marketeers and exhibitors with quality speakers and exhibitors. This year they adapted to offer an online live event with a host of scheduled broadcasts, involving industry ‘trailblazers’ discussing;

  • Salesforce and how to drive loyalty and growth
  • Industry-specific talks addressing current market challenges presented by COVID
  • Customer success stories
  • The challenges 2020 has posed for different businesses and how to overcome them

All with Sir Lenny Henry CBE hosting the event.

A sense of familiarity

After a somewhat shaky start with some broken links to join the event, the speakers kicked off doing what they do best, getting an audience engaged. Holding an audience’s attention has always been a struggle, even with in-person events there’s no guarantee you won’t lose the audience to their phones.

Lenny Henry Chat

With the whole event being live there was that same feeling of being present at something that not many people would get to experience in the here and now.

Additional live features of the event included a performance by Craig David, this could only be viewed up to a day after the event and then it disappeared! All the more incentive to attend the event live.

Craig David

This need for things to be live was somewhat thrown off by the late starting of the event and we really felt for the Salesforce team when this happened!

Dedicated open spaces

Now we all know the main factor that makes live events so rewarding among attendees and exhibitors is the networking and social interaction. The opportunity to meet new people in and around your field can broaden your market knowledge, spread brand awareness and create lasting partnerships.

Chat Salesforce Live

This was a big worry when COVID-19 hit, how would the online event be able to replicate the most crucial, human factor live events offer?

Well, Salesforce managed to facilitate social interaction through social media by utilising the hashtag #salesforcelive people could tweet quotes, images or videos of the event to interact with people there.

Taking advantage of what online can offer

It will always be the case that online events are lacking in certain areas, but for all their downfalls there are certain advantages to be had also; A larger number of attendees from further across the globe and better data on what content and how delegates have engaged with it just to name a few.

Lenny Henry Ad

What’s next for events?

Salesforce live: UK & Ireland highlighted some challenges faced by Salesforce, who’s live events are some of the largest and most eagerly anticipated in the B2B environment.

Despite the live aspect of the event somewhat suffering from being virtual, overall, due to the quality content from speakers, Salesforce created an interesting online experience for attendees.

If you’re interested in reading more about the strengths and limitations of online events then why not read our ‘What’s missing from virtual events?’ blog.

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