Office Managers and Executive Assistants wear many hats. Orchestrating and improving the logistics within an office in order to support the employees with their specific roles is no small task. Efficiency and the ability to anticipate future needs is key for these roles which are the pillars of your office. One thing that is always in short supply for Office Managers, Executive Assistants (EAs) and Personal Assistants (PAs) in fast moving offices, is time.

Selecting the right tools to eliminate administration will save time without compromising on quality, in fact it can even improve the quality you can deliver in a shorter time span, without being bogged down by unnecessary admin.

Unsung heroes

Office managers and EA’s are the first line of defence from anarchy ensuing in the work space. Dealing with complex situations affecting multiple areas of the business, when Office Managers and EAs grind to a halt it can affect a lot of business operations! In large part thanks to what they do, the rest of the team gets to perform smoothly whilst working in an attractive work space.

Office Resize

When working within these roles a lot is expected from you, defining and maintaining standards across the business. Often working alongside high performing individuals with exacting standards, Office Managers and Executive Assistants can be required to cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Scheduling – Often EAs and Office Managers become the face and voice of the business
  • Business administrative assistance
  • Office / personal shopper
  • Event planning
  • Networking
  • Conduct research
  • Supervise and train staff
  • Managing CRM – Maintaining customer records

Tools of the trade

Keeping all of the aforementioned workload manageable is dependent on the tools and software at the disposal of your Office Managers / EA’s. Being great at these roles’ means being able to handle a variety of tasks and responsibilities. But what software tools could help make the job that much easier and save time? When it comes to data administration and maintaining customer records Gather can help.

Tools Resize

Data Administration – Administration is a part of most jobs, but this is a common area where you can really save time with the right tools. Data entry into a CRM can be tedious and time-consuming task but one which is much more impactful when it is conducted in a timely way.

Gather’s business card scanner uses optical character recognition (OCR) to scan customer data from business card to CRM or Excel in seconds simply by taking a picture, from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Our business card scanner feature is so easy to use, you could even consider training up your colleagues on how to use it, to further reduce the burden on Office Managers and Executive Assistants.

Not only will scanning business cards save you time but it will enable much quicker follow up than having to manually enter data into CRM. Giving you and your colleagues quick access to the data your business needs.

Without data entry taking up so much of your time, imagine the possibilities…

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