We live in a hyper-digital landscape, take one walk through your high-street and note how many of us are looking down at our phones. This constant usage and advert saturation has caused users to be relatively numb to online marketing they may encounter.

How can you get your messaging to stand out in-amongst the sea of pop-ups, banner ads and YouTube sponsorships?

The best marketeers will understand that a balance of both online and offline marketing will produce the best results.

“According to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail response rates took a tremendous leap in 2016 with a 5.3-percent response rate to house lists and a 2.9-percent response rate to prospect lists. These are the highest levels the DMA has tracked since 2003.”

How to do offline marketing in 2021

As marketeers we love online marketing because it is so easily measured and tracked, but this does not mean that offline marketing has no place in the mix.

The truth behind offline marketing, that goes against most people’s predisposition is that offline marketing can often be more effective than online. Even in 2020 heading into 2021 people crave it and may not even know it.

Effective marketing weaves seamlessly around your customers day to day life. Of course, people don’t spend 100% of their lives online. As we’ve already mentioned there’s a lot of competition for your customers attention, so it’s important to reach multiple customer touchpoints to have the best chance of gaining that brand relationship with your customer.

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Use physical marketing to point to your digital space

The downside for offline marketing can be the lack of measurable success, well when you use this channel to drive your customers to an online action, things suddenly become a lot more measurable. This is a great use of physical marketing, enticing your audience to come to your digital space i.e. Website/social profiles through incentives. This could be anything from a discount code to instructions as to how to enter a competition you’re running like including a hashtag on a billboard.

This persuades people to visit your online profiles providing more opportunities for engagement onsite, socially and through email. This increases the number of touchpoints a protentional buyer has with your brand before coming to you directly. Increased brand awareness plays a vital role in cementing your business in the mind of the consumer when they come to make a purchasing decision.


Use offline to streamline the user experience

When planning on a direct mail campaign with the intention of driving online traffic it is important to make the jump from offline to online for your audience as simple and as easy as possible. This can be achieved through adopting relevant technologies such as QR Codes.

Not only does the QR code provide a more modern and interactive element, but including a QR code on your mail outs reduces the hassle for consumers to get to your digital space from the typing of a URL to opening their camera. The ramifications of streamlining the process to get to your digital space like this is huge. With consumers attention spans shorter than ever, every second counts and “adding QR Codes to your ads enables people to interact three times faster with your brand than manually entering an URL.”

By having a QR code you not only allow users to access your site conveniently but if your design and marketing allow you can also invoke curiosity in your recipients. As they know how little time using a QR code is over typing even if the slightest intrigue is implanted in their head, they are massively more likely to open it up and have a quick look.


Take advantage of your databases

The best, modernised utilisation you can incorporate into your direct mail campaigns are PURL’s. What are PURL’s I hear you ask? Well, PURLs stand for personalised URLs and allow marketers to build and allocate pages on the internet designed specifically for certain audiences. This helps to increase the likelihood of a conversion, sale, sign-up, data capture, whatever KPI you are measuring.

Not only does this help with conversions but it also allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns if you have carried out an A and B split test, giving you far more insights than if you didn’t utilise PURLs.

With PURLs you have the ability to get:

  • A detailed analysis of who did and didn’t visit your pages
  • When each recipient responds/interacts.
  • Email alerts when a target audience visits your page/completes a form

The only way to properly carry out a direct mail campaign using PURLs is to already have accurate data on your desired audience. This will allow you to create a personalised page that’s actually relevant to recipients on an individual level. Without accurate data your direct mail campaign is unlikely to make much of an impact.

Preparing your database for a personalised direct marketing campaign

To effectively carry out your personalised direct marketing campaign you must be looking after the data in your CRM. Regular cleaning and culling of out of date data is a must for your business to even have the opportunity to carry out any personalised direct marketing campaigns.

An accurate database also allows your marketing to work way more effectively than it would otherwise. For example, you can cut down on wasted marketing spend by ensuring you are only sending direct mail to recipients who are still; alive, living at the address in your database or want to be contacted by mail, and can ensure they won’t receive multiple copies.

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