So, your trade show is over. What now?

Take a deep breath – it’s done. The weeks of planning, anxiety and late nights that are often synonymous with events, have come and gone and ensured you had a great show. Getting a chance to present your brand on a more intimate level and build familiarisation with prospects personally reaffirmed that you made the right choices and will see rewards for your hard work soon.

If only it were so easy.

We exist in a market oversaturated by the use of automated and impersonal lead nurturing. For us to see some real benefits and maximise conversion rates from prospects to customers we must do more and we must do it better. This is why it is important to build a competent Post-Show marketing strategy and below is how to do just that.

Prompt responses get better results

It’s well known that the chances of an interaction or conversation go down drastically the longer we leave the follow-up. Which is why you need to have your campaign designed to launch almost immediately leaving no opportunity for your prospect to lose interest because they feel uninterested in.

Slow responses

There are ways to make this process simpler, software like our business card scanner streamlines the process of collecting and uploading contact details to a CRM system. Making this information readily available for use in your follow-up campaign allowing for a tailored response that could arrive days or weeks before your competitors. This is essential to remain relevant with your prospects. Persuading a potential customer to invest their time and come onto your website will always be an uphill battle the longer you leave your follow-ups.

Personalised follow-ups add value

We experience advancements and updates in tech on what almost seems like a day to day basis. As a result, follow-ups have become far easier than ever before but it’s easy to fall in the trap of utilising this ease for more than its worth. Keep it personal and specific, identifying the show by name and addressing particular issues and markers from the conversations you had are a great way to stand out. A potential client that feels valued is far more likely to re-engage with you and your business.

Craft a campaign for prospects to prospect

Make sure your call to action is specific for that prospect. Refrain from including terms like ‘learn more’ or ‘for more information’ these are uninteresting phrases that disassociate the prospect from what they’re reading. Not to mention being generic and over played. Instead, provide tangible and relevant options for why they should re-engage with your company. Offering your prospects the opportunity to request a personal demo gives a sense of investment on your part in them and will surpass any competitor utilising these more generic phrases.

It’s important to ensure a level of consistency with your send-outs to a prospect, this will imply you are being purposeful in what you’re sending and not just adding them to an already endless email list. Replies must be structured and regular but always leading the prospect towards a specific product or marketing aim, this you will have already established from previous interactions.

We’re not promising you a 100% conversion rate, we want to give you a realistic outlook on what a post-trade show marketing strategy might look like. Following these points above will give your business the benefit of standing out among an innumerable sea of uninterested and unimaginative automated responses, that for better or for worse flood the marketing space today.

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