Gather had the pleasure of partnering with Conference Badges for event registration at this year’s Legal Geek event. Hosted at Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, Legal Geek had more than 2000 people from over 40 different countries and 100 plus speakers in attendance.

Creating an enjoyable experience

By partnering with Conference Badges, we were able to supply our software to exhibitors. We attended this vibrant event to provide exhibitors with in-person support to ensure they got the most out of the show.

It was the job of one of our Account Managers and one of our Tech Engineers to visit each exhibitor using our software, introduce ourselves and offer any help they required.

Show Floor

We were able to determine which users had already logged-in, captured data and stored it in their CRM and prioritise those who hadn’t. Meaning we were proactively arriving at their stands before there was an issue.

Common issues at events

In previous years the event organisers had used dedicated hardware scanners to supply their exhibitors. Using dedicated hardware, it can be difficult to get every scanner returned which can end up being more costly than you may anticipate.

This is one reason Conference Badges selected Gather’s data capture solution for Apple and Android mobile devices. Meaning exhibitors could use their own phones or tablets, reducing hardware costs and ensuring that everyone had a familiarity with the device they were using.

Both Legal Geek and exhibitors had the confidence to know that they have everything they need to capture and nurture sales leads in the palm of their hands.

Show Floor 2

Offering a personal touch

We managed to pleasantly surprise a lot of the exhibitors, by offering “in-person live tech support” which was something a lot had never experienced before.

We were able to get a very hands-on approach with the problems people were running into. Which we are happy to announce was none a lot at all.

However simply being in attendance we were able to put a lot of exhibitors at ease, by letting them know how the app works and if there were any issues, we were closer than a phone call away.

It was showcasing this added level of personalisation and care that really helped the Legal Geek show run so smoothly. On top of the incredible organisation that we were hugely impressed with.

High Q

Helping exhibitors get the most out of their show

We were so happy to be a part of this year’s Legal Geek event. Getting a chance to help out exhibitors in live scenarios with our software is really encouraging.

With our software, we aim to help not hinder the data capture process and empower users to capture and unlock the value in their data.

Check out how we helped craft better live experiences with event registrationat this year’s CBRE supply partner event.

If you’d like on the ground support at your next event or to refine your event data capture strategy, get in touch with us today.

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