A CRM can never truly achieve 100% accuracy 100% of the time, and because of this it can be easy to accept errors or mishaps as ‘just part of the process.’

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Outdated customer relationship management (CRM’s) systems will eventually lead to a mishandling of data. Down the pipeline, mishandled data can magnify and hamper your ability to offer a smooth customer experience. Without accurate data you can rely on, you’re gambling on hard-won relationships with valuable existing customers.

With that in mind when is it time to integrate your data capture apps with CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Hubspot?

Futureproofing: Start with an up-to-date CRM

Migrating over from previous iterations of a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics to the latest version is a necessary step to take to keep your processes in check. Without the latest version of a CRM, all other systems which plugin and rely on your CRM, will need extra care for a custom integration if they can be integrated at all.

So, despite the cost and time investment that updating your CRM might entail, it is necessary to trust in your CRM if you want to scale up for growth.

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An integration with data capture allows you to set up as you mean to go on and scale your CRM for future growth.

Once the integration is built you can have customer data automatically pass through to your new system, going through the same checks and balances to keep it as accurate as possible.

Removing the human element

Human interaction in the data journey should be restricted, to keep the data capture process as consistent as possible.

Manual processes leave room for human error as each person has their own method of entry and customer interaction. So, having an integration that automates as much of the data journey as possible is key for your CRM migration.


  • Speed of data processing
  • Accuracy maintained
  • Easy to scale
  • Freeing up human resources


  • Requires out of date systems to be replaced
  • Cost of the process may not generate enough ROI for smaller businesses to benefit
  • Requires time to plan and follow through with integrations
  • Initial human resource needed for project management

The main takeaway from this should be that after an initial outlay of cost your data capture integration is going to end up saving you money in the long run, through accurate campaign target marketing, facilitated by your new CRM data capture integration.

Increased efficiency

With the data appearing in your CRM in seconds marketing can act in real-time to extrapolate that data and determine what tactics should be used and when. Reducing follow-up time to a matter of minutes as opposed to weeks will considerably improve a sales team’s chances of success also.

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The brands that cement themselves in the mind of the consumer have the most success in securing the sale. Which is why quick and relevant follow-up is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it’s a must.

Looking at records as a body of data

By centralising your data, you are able to easily analyse just where your data is lacking. Presenting insights to your team through data visualisation can help your team understand the story behind the data to better inform business decisions.

Concerns over data privacy? Keep it safe

With your newly built CRM data capture integration for CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce etc. you benefit from all the security measures that come with it.

An automated integration eliminates the human factor, so the possibility for data to be left on a device after an extract outside of work is diminished. Without concerns for data extracts being stored in the wrong place, your data handling processes become GDPR compliant.

Utilising extensions

With your new data capture integration, you can take advantage of various external systems. Allowing you to fully utilise the power locked away inside your data.

An up-to-date CRM gives you access to a wide array of tools for analytics and third-party applications.

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The customer experience defines your brand. Gearing efforts into delivering an exceptional journey allows your business to organically grow. With brand advocates and testimonials holding near-limitless value, it all starts with knowing your customer.

Through smart data maintenance, you can open the door to getting to know your customers on a personal level.

If you’d like to see how a dedicated data services team can help relieve some of the burdens of data admin check out our blog on why you should be outsourcing your data management.

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