We can all agree that 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us anticipated. Some areas of business have been forced to adapt whether that’s for the better or worse. Changes that were already on the horizon have grown closer.

But if there’s one thing that 2020 ushered us into, it’s the growth of online marketing operations. With a lot of businesses having to make the transition to mainly online, the need for better data management has never been more apparent.

What to keep in mind making the switch from offline to online

The pandemic has forced countless non-digital businesses to shift to an almost strictly online presence. Many of which had no remote working policies in place, especially for the managing of sensitive data outside the office.

“Consumers might be willing to accept a delayed package, a cancelled flight, or an extended service window in light of the pandemic — but compromise their personal data, and it is game over.”
Harvard Business Review

When working in a digital landscape adopting secure data management strategies should be at the top of your priority lists.

Secure Data Feature

Following the regulations set out by GDPR and CCPA B2B and B2C marketers will have to set standards of privacy and security in data processes. You must have in place;

  • Web forms with opt-in checkboxes
  • Easy access to privacy statements for your customers
  • Dedicated web pages where users can submit requests to access, modify and delete personal information.

Online marketers have to find that balance between providing a customer with a positive, personalised experience whilst maintaining the promise of data privacy.

For customers to get the experience they want and have come to expect, quite frankly we need their data. But it’s the responsibility of businesses to appropriately store, access and manage this data.

Call in some help to aid your online marketers

For companies who are new to having the majority of their operations online amidst COVID, consulting an expert data manager can be extremely helpful. Good customer data management will seamlessly encompass privacy within your marketing touchpoints, whilst maintaining a positive customer experience, which can be a hard thing to achieve alone.


To comply with requests quickly and reliably outsourcing tasks involving data management; cleansing, enrichment, analysis and extraction, can often be the best course of action.

Having a dedicated UK based team of experts can help businesses comply with the stringent data privacy rules and regulations without intruding on the customer experience.

A data services team can take out any of the guesswork companies might struggle with when managing customer data, and allow you to operate worry-free. Data cleansing services will help keep your databases up-to-date and accurate, diminishing the chances of multiple intrusions to a customer who has expressed no interest.

This granular data re-permissioning ensures compliance per the GDPR standards, and guarantees any customer communication is compliant whilst never sacrificing quality over quantity.

Adding untold value

Data management isn’t just about avoiding a painful and costly customer data security breach, or unwanted and clumsy communications that can damage hard-forged customer relationships,

The value that well organised and relevant data can add to your business is enormous. Personalised and timely communications will massively help customer retention, keep you in the top of mind for customers not yet ready to purchase and bolster upsells and cross sells when the time is right.


The road ahead

Privacy regulations are constantly changing and your marketing practices have to keep up. With this ‘new norm’ we seem to be heading into in a post-COVID world, the growth of online operations seems like it’s going to carry on for a while.

With it, a sense of priority should be placed around just how you can help maintain the standards set by GDPR for data privacy.

It is only by investing in the help of data experts that your marketing efforts have a chance of keeping pace with the ever-evolving regulations in the new era of strictly online.

If you’re interested in exploring how you use data, start the conversation with one of our experts.

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