Data quality means something different to every organisation. Do you consider having a complete profile on prospects for marketing efforts as high-quality data? Or is it having accurate contact data so that retail shipments are delivered efficiently and effectively?

The point is that data quality is how fitted your data sets are for whatever their intended purpose. Defining success and developing your KPI’s around that is crucial for developing a data quality management plan.

So, with that in mind let’s break down a few ways that you and your business can go about improving data quality management.

Incorporating smart data capture


Tackling your data capture process is the first step to ensuring you’re filling your data sets with data you deem important. With 86% of companies admitting that their data might be inaccurate it’s crucial for businesses to tackle the problem at the source for the best solution.

When going through your data capture process it’s important to make the process as seamless as possible. Keeping the consumer in mind will make them more willing to carry out your forms to completion.

Tools like auto-fill help keep things moving smoothly meaning the prospect fills out the form quicker. Leaving your sales staff more face to face time to lay the foundations of a relationship that benefit future interactions. Any effort you take to keep the customer at the forefront of everything you do will help make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Data collection software is widely available, the companies taking agency in sourcing smart data capture are the ones ensuring future quality data.

Data capture services like ours offer you the ability to create custom forms, giving you the freedom to make mandatory fields in a format that suits your needs. This bespoke nature some apps offer allows you to streamline your capture process. Meaning you only capture the data you need.

Having data validation built-in further improves your chances of collecting accurate data. With only 10% of email addresses collected being accurate the advantage of a company using data validation is you can capture customer data with confidence knowing only legitimate, actionable information will come through.


A dedicated data quality management team

The second step to possessing high-quality datasets is effective data quality management. Quality data is not something achieved by one initial assessment, cleansing and enriching of your data. Ongoing or at least regular management the data that’s in your CRM systems is crucial for ensuring it remains valid. If neglected this can easily become legacy data which will have little to no use for you and in some cases can even hurt your business more in the long run.

The standardisation of your data is essential. This is the process of taking out spelling mistakes/ variations e.g. spelling of the United States as U.S. vs USA. The tiny variations make all the difference with smart lists, scoring and segmentations. CRM systems cannot differentiate and will treat these two spellings of United States as separate entities and therefore increase them from one to three data points.

Clogging up your data sets making them very inefficient to navigate, mitigating the small things like this from happening is what prevents a system from becoming a legacy piece of software.

Outsourcing your management needs to a data services team can help massively with workload and effectiveness. By sourcing this service through a third party you can ensure you have a dedicated team of experts working with you to get the best out of your data.

As well as having a very qualified group of individuals working with you to secure the validity of your data. The benefits of outsourcing also include saving you huge amounts of time and money that can then be refocussed towards more creative and strategic elements of campaigning. If this is something you’re considering for your team, see how outsourcing data management can help your sales and marketing teams.


Offering you the tools necessary to gain valuable data

With a bespoke data capture app and educated data services team on offer here at Gather, we strive to provide brands with all the tools necessary to capture and maintain high-quality data.

In the age of information, nothing is more important than having adequate data to keep you offering the best customer experience possible. So, nurture those leads and help maintain long-lasting relationships through accurate data.

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