New tools and technology are increasingly becoming more important in businesses. They can improve productivity and generate new and unique ways to bring in business. But it can also lead to resistance. Simply put, despite the benefits – people just do not like change.

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Changing mindsets

One of the struggles we often hear about from customers who are interested in using our products and services is how to get the much-needed buy-in from SLTs and Boards about new tools and technology. There is often a fear of tech and changing the status quo. So how do you change that mindset? How do you convince the decision-maker that a small financial outlay can reap so many more benefits? Here we give you some useful tips on getting over the line with your manager or director:

  • Opt for simple and easy-to-implement and use products.
  • Be prepared to emphasise the value and benefits rather than focusing on cost alone.
  • Anticipate any questions they may ask – put yourself in their shoes... have answers ready for the “So what” response.
  • Provide examples of how it will help your business, where possible across multiple teams, to help to spread the outlay over different cost centres.
  • Illustrate with case studies, reviews, and testimonials as to how other companies have used the tech and how they have benefited.
  • Do some competitor analysis – see what your competitors use and make sure your leadership knows they are using it and how it helps them.
  • Be concise and evidence-based. Produce a one-pager introducing the tool, and the benefits (both qualitative and quantitative) and provide testimonials from other users.
  • Find a champion at a senior level to help your cause. Get them on board first to help influence others.
  • Use the AIDA model:
  1. Attention – raise it to your manager, request a slot in the management/board meeting.
  2. Interest - get them interested, do a show and tell – wow them with what the tool can do.
  3. Desire – get them to see the opportunity cost of not taking on the new product using a comprehensive SWOT analysis.
  4. Action – emphasise time sensitivities, illustrate how you would get the most of the tool – show them the ROI.
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Now we have your attention

Time for the hard sell - how does Gather tick all the boxes above in helping you convince your decision-makers:

The Gather Lead Capture app is simple to download and easy to use – we provide onboarding and training to help everyone in the organisation make the most of the app. We have a wide array of statistics from our clients and the wider industry to illustrate how our products can drive ROI and how they are a quick and easy, cost-effective addition to an organisation’s Tech stack. And rest assured, Gather products are used across various departments such as sales, customer services, client relations, marketing, data, and event teams.

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Some final tips

Once you have convinced the decision-makers to invest in a new tool or tech, then onboarding is equally as important. Our clients repeatedly tell us that we are excellent at onboarding, and providing support to get the most out of our products and services – here are some tips:

  • It is then vital that you train everyone, so they are fully up to speed with how to use it and the benefits of doing so.
  • Allow for errors and learn from them.
  • Make using the new tool part of your team’s objectives, if they have a personal interest in succeeding with something it can often help them to engage better with it – even if apprehensive at first.
  • Ask for feedback, allow people to troubleshoot and have their say. It is never going to be plain sailing if people do not ask questions - remind them that there is no such thing as a silly question.
  • If possible, provide several types of training, remembering that one glove does not fit all. And offer repeat training as and when needed.
  • Supply how-to resources and guides that your teams can turn to as and when they need them.
  • Incentivise and run internal competitions to encourage usage.

Here at Gather, we have a wide array of products and services that provide a full selection of support for onboarding when you become a customer. Visit to find out more, where you can book a demo, and sign up for a free trial.

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