When data is analysed properly, it paints a clear picture of our company landscape and of our customers. It has helped break down barriers and bridge the gap between supplier and consumer, paving the way for deeper connections and far more meaningful relationships.

The customer experience must come first and the way to effectively do this is by digging down into your customer data to find insights. Using data driven insights to dictate the customer journey is the key to becoming a genuinely data-led organisation.

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Adopt an outcome-focused approach

Data is a live asset that needs to be managed and maintained consistently. Neglected data sets can often do your business more harm than good. So having huge data sets and no real plan of how to use it will ultimately hinder not help you adopt a data driven culture.

You should start your data strategy by asking the questions you want answers to. By first defining this, you can start to alter your data capture methods to answer these questions. Putting data strategy in place at the start of the data capture process not only gives you much more usable data but at a much more manageable rate.

You are only collecting data that is helping you reach your overarching goal. Any surplus of data that makes it unmanageable detracts from this. This keeps your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system free of clutter whilst being full of purposeful, meaningful data from which insights can be extracted to help your organisation become data driven.

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Attention and care

As mentioned above data is an asset that requires regular attention as it will be used to inform business decisions multiple times after its collection. To keep the insights and value you extract from your customer data you must maintain its validity through cleansing, updating, and removing data from your CRM.

Previously this has been an afterthought for a lot of companies and when kept in-house just bolted on to someone's already busy work schedule. In 2022 there is no room to treat your customer data with anything less than the utmost respect, this is the only way to truly get the absolute best out of your data.

A dedicated team of data experts must be assigned the custodial tasks involved when handling customer data. The benefits to having a dedicated team working on extracting the insights you want from your data, whether you hire in-house or outsource this responsibility, can make all the difference.

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Data driven every step of the way

With this new attitude towards your data sets, you should be using data insights as much as possible to inform your business decisions. Remove the gut-feeling approach and deal only in tangible insights that you can draw conclusions from.

If you are running a new campaign and want the best ROI/ engagement, then data is the best way for you to achieve that. With data, you can bolster the customer experience through personalisation and effective campaign management ensuring your customers receive only new and relevant touchpoints every time they encounter your business.

Or you may be looking at more internal changes like improving client systems or integrations. Again, use your customer data to inform these changes, optimise your internal systems to operate in a way that will help you deliver the best possible customer experience based on the data you have available to you.

If you’re looking to become a data driven organisation then why not start with a clean data set? Book in your free data audit today with our team of data experts and see how we can help unlock the value in your customer data.

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