If you’re organising an event with sponsors and vendors, you know that customer data matters to them. How can you ensure that all customer data is handled safely and effectively to give your vendors the most value?

How your vendor’s collect, handle and store data to be in line with GDPR and other global standards should be a high priority for your event strategy.

Catering to the informed customer

Data isn't the mysterious commodity it used to be, today’s consumers are well aware of just how valuable their personal information is. With government interventions like GDPR and CCPA becoming more prevalent, people have a greater understanding of who they should give their data away to and how it’s handled once they exchange it.

Eventgoers can feel uncomfortable at the prospect of handing over their personal information to an unproven/new business they’ve only just come across.

As an event organiser, it comes down to you to ensure that eventgoers can feel comfortable and maintain a consistent and professional approach with vendors to offer protection for personal information.

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How to ensure data protection this event season

There are a few ways that you as the event organiser can help your vendors ensure data protection is offered to your attendees.

Offer a smart integration for your vendor’s data capture

What information do your vendor’s need from their prospects? This is a question that should be at the forefront of your data strategy. By boiling down the key data points your vendors will want you can offer a data capture solution that encourages attendees that their data protection is being kept in mind.

By only asking for the required data, prospects will be more inclined to give up their personal information, additionally, this eases the burden of data management as controlling a smaller amount of data requires less maintenance.

This is one way to show you are being considerate and are a trusted custodian of their personal information.

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Be transparent with your intentions

Privacy notices are a great way to offer prospects insights into what data you collect and most importantly why and how vendor’s plan to handle their personal data. By offering a single solution to every vendor at your event and relaying this to your attendees, you can give them the confidence knowing that their data is secure from the registration all the way through to the day of your event.

EPDP Outsource

Outsource your data management

When handling event data, it can be extremely hard to keep on top of as the scope of data management has had to grow with the rise in data protection regulations.

You can’t get away with tacking on the management of attendee data as an afterthought, it needs a dedicated team of data experts to give it the attention and respect it deserves.

There are added benefits to outsourcing your data management, as optimising your data and CRM the data’s held within can improve data quality, develop stronger ROI for your events and save yourself on resources all whilst ensuring compliance to GDPR and ISO Standards.

If you’re organising an event and are looking for mobile data capture and badge scanning solution for your vendors, talk to us today.

We have a host of other blogs based on data capture and the protection of data for events so, if you’re still interested take a look.

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