When attending an event why wouldn’t you want to make it as easy as possible for your sales staff to secure the sale?

Utilising mobile data capture and automating the integration of this data can remove the tedious processes of data entry and create opportunity to build rapport and drive sales.

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Connect with your customers

If your goal for attending an event is to generate leads, a lot of exhibitors are missing a crucial step of the process. It's fine to collect, process and insert a lead into your pipeline but what about using the valuable face to face time with potential customers to build meaningful relationships between them and your brand?

With this in-person one-on-one time being so unique to events, exhibitors should be using it to help connect with their leads and offer insights into who you are and why your brand can help them.

By removing that tedious aspect of manual data entry and utilising mobile data capture, your sales team can put all their attention and energy into the things that really matter, the customer.


Craft a better customer experience

By automating your lead entry for events with a data capture app you can streamline the entire sales process.

No more awkward pauses asking how to spell a surname or inputting incorrect data, a simple business card scan can have a form filled out and the data sent across to your CRM in seconds ready use. Alternatively, hand them a tablet or let customers who would rather avoid face to face interaction, enter data at a kiosk.

Data validation on mobile forms means the margin for human error is drastically reduced, which is by far the biggest contributing factor when it comes to a loss of data quality. Having the means to validate all contact information keeps your CRM full of actionable data, so you know your outbound efforts are reaching your leads.

This means the interaction between your sales staff and leads can be as organic as possible, creating a way for meaningful conversations where the lead walks away having gathered new information on what it is you do and how you can help them.


Personalise, personalise, personalise

With automated data integration you can process data that enters your CRM to offer personalised messaging relevant to the real-life conversations with little to no delay.

With personalised and timely follow up emails you can be sure to extend the time you spend at the front of your leads mind. Sure, connecting with them and crafting a better customer experience builds that relationship but to keep that memory fresh in their mind you need to be reaching out with personalised messaging.

Automating the after-event follow-up process means you can set up your campaign ready to go as soon as your CRM has the data; Allowing you to follow up at a time you feel is best, and not a time you are restricted to by data admin.

Data capture unifies marketing and sales teams with reliable information that can be geared towards securing the sale, renewals and increasing upsells and cross-sells.

By automating your lead entry for events with an integrated data capture app you can streamline the entire sales process, making the experience that much more enjoyable and memorable for your leads, whilst freeing up sales staff to focus on what they do best.

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