Goodwood Festival of Speed took place last weekend (4th – 9th July 2019) and we had the chance to attend to help some of our clients on the ground, and investigate the highs and lows of this outdoor event. Having the opportunity to see customers using our product in-situ was hugely gratifying.

The prestigious motor event attracts some of the biggest names in the industry, which meant we got a first-hand look at how others were tackling event lead capture.

Data capture through necessity

Goodwood prides itself on being a family event, this is demonstrated through some of the exhibitors on show but also the amount of effort they go to catering for the family as a whole. The uniqueness simply based on scale is quite impressive, with 150,000 people attending over the three days it’s no surprise there’s such a diverse option of things to do and see.


Image caption: Map of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

There are of course hurdles that come with hosting such a massive event in a remote location. For example, smaller events can often struggle trying to offer a reliable WiFi connection with this many people. But Goodwood is by no means small and has been doing this for a long time.

What’s interesting about hosting a remote event is the dependency people have on a reliable internet connection. Both exhibitors (to capture data) and visitors alike are forced to connect to the one connection available. Posing a great opportunity that Goodwood FOS takes unapologetically by having data capture incorporated through the process of joining the event’s WiFi. Goodwood event organisers must have the ability to collect vast amounts of data in this way.

This year’s event lead capture trends

This year saw many brands breaking away from a traditional event presence to include experiential elements in their stand, favouring interactive experiences over passive interactions. This has been a continually growing trend adopted by more and more brands as we previously talked about in our blog looking at how companies can benefit from sensory and experiential marketing.

“Progressive brands are benefiting from these evolving trends and the future belongs to the companies that experiment with them most.”
Julia Manoukian
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More family-oriented brands took advantage of the family setting by appealing to the whole family unit, supplying free activities like video games, a rollercoaster and kid-sized electronic cars for the children. Adults were also accounted for through novel VR experiences, food and drink and automotive displays.

Although these experiences weren’t incorporated into the lead capture process, instead these experiences were utilised as an initial attraction to pique curiosity about a brand, to present a situation in which lead capture could occur.

Experiential marketing for the family is by no means a new thing. However, it was in full force at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Catering to the lowest age range of the family means meeting the needs of children first. Doing this through the use of entertainment areas where children are safely enclosed paves the way to subject family members in charge of the money-making decision to a convincing sales/ lead capture pitch.

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3 problems we came across

Unlike a trade show, the emphasis was on having a great day out rather than offering a platform for companies to sell their latest products. This paradigm shift means attendees are in a completely different mindset than that of a regular trade show. Exhibitors have to be more conscious of this fact and alter tactics to ensure their event lead capture process is still doing the job.

After visiting a smorgasbord of different exhibitors, we were able to identify three main problems that continually came up when experiencing these brands event lead capture process.

1. Usability

There were a number of occasions when visiting other stands where the users came to carry out their data capture process and couldn’t navigate competitor apps. At least not effectively enough to convince us they had substantial training using the software. Along with poor error validation, like mandatory fields not being marked. Any failed attempts were presented without a clear indication as to why. This caused the event lead capture processes to become extremely clunky and diminish the customer experience.

2. Aesthetically confused

A lot of the software we came across appeared to be crudely designed with little to no thought as to how this would be associated with the brand using it. Pedigree companies cannot afford to lack consistency with their high-end brands/ stalls and outdated digital form and customer journey.

3. GDPR non-compliance

We were very surprised to come across some data capture forms, which were not compliant! When we were handed a tablet to input our details, the previous customer’s details were still left in the fields and had to be manually deleted out. A huge no no in 2019 and we could not stress this enough.

Compliance in the event lead capture processes should be at the forefront of your mind when exhibiting at a live show like this. Being the subject of a data breach could land your business in serious hot water.

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What we identify as important for successful lead generation at B2C events

With the state of event lead capture not in a great position at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. We were extremely happy to see our software in the hands of our customers. Here are some of the key features our clients used at Goodwood to get more, high-quality data, no matter what team collects it.

Guest List Look-up

A guest list look-up feature is a must for any brands utilising invite only areas. Luxury customers are not left waiting at the door with easy check-in via a digital guest list pulled from CRM. Having a prospect’s details on hand to engage with them increases your chances of converting that lead.

Email validation

Email validation can drastically cut back on dummy data you’re collecting. By ensuring your forms cannot be submitted without a valid email address, users can relax knowing every lead captured is a lead that can be put to use.


Any successful lead gen software has to be compatible with a user’s chosen CRM system. With integration, users know that the data they collect will be in their CRM systems ready for utilising that same day. Eliminating any manual process means an efficient event lead capture process, couple this with timely automated follow-up emails and you can stay relevant in the minds of your audience.

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Offline data capture

The reassurance knowing that any data collected will be saved and transferred to your CRM at a later date with no WiFi connection is hugely practical. With a remote event like this and thousands of people eating up that bandwidth, it’s hard to guarantee a smooth data capture process and therefore a smooth CX.

If you’re interested in seeing how we’ve helped our customers increase ROI and lead capture rate take a look at our latest use cases. Or if we sound like we could be what your event is looking for, get in touch about a free trial below.

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