Customer data is crucial to sales lead generation. Yet it’s too often neglected.

Indeed, as many as 42 per cent of sales reps feel they don’t have the right information when following up a lead (CSO Insights). Another report, by marketing research firm Ascend2, found that 35 per cent of salespeople feel a lack of quality data is the greatest barrier to converting leads into sales.

Sales lead generation: overcoming the challenges

Using the right lead management software and capturing data effectively can help you overcome this barrier. Whether you're in the field or on site, you need the right tools to gather, access and process data. You need more than a business card scanner app or barcode scanner. You need an intelligent, intuitive and fully connected tool that allows you to get on with what you do best: building lasting relationships with your customers.

So how can you ensure you have the right information at your fingertips to maximise conversion rates of business leads? How can you make lead generation easier and maximise return on investment from events and sales trips? Here’s our rundown of the golden rules to remember:

Accuracy is everything

First meetings happen once. They’re your chance to impress. The last thing you want to be doing is scribbling down a lead’s details. Not only will it compromise your ability to build rapport, it could lead to inaccuracy. Our app uses optical character recognition to scan business cards and badges in a variety of languages with 99 per cent accuracy. It then transfers that information into editable data. It’s also fully compliant with the new EU regulations on customer data, so you can rest assured that the legalities are covered.

Make the most of the opportunity

A dodgy internet connection is no excuse for dodgy sales lead generation and capture. You need a tool that allows you to gather customer data wherever, whenever. Gather’s app allows you to store customer details offline on a device and then back up and sync with your sales platforms when a Wi-Fi connection become available. This means you and your team can make the most of every opportunity.

Customise your questions

The cookie cutter approach to generating sales leads is prone to failure. That's because circumstances will vary from event to event, customer to customer. You know your customers best, so all users of Gather’s app can tailor their own questions depending on their needs. We also offer full support for increased knowledge gathering. We understand how the pressure can mount at sales events and in showrooms. That's why answers can be simplified to easily selectable picklists, checkboxes and so on, allowing you to focus on what’s important: the customer. Read how our client Bentley used our app to create dynamic individual and sales research questions, which led to highly qualified leads and improved conversion rates.

Be human

Use technology to enhance your interaction with leads, but don’t let it overshadow it. Data capture should complement your conversation, not detract from it. Gather allows you to capture, process and access customer data with just a swipe of a screen. It can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet to provide a non-invasive and intuitive way of increasing the conversion of business leads into sales, while allowing you to keep that human touch.

Be fast (and smart) in your follow up

Speed is key when it comes to following up leads. One Harvard Business Review study found that those who followed up leads within an hour were seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with decision makers than those who waited. But speed isn’t everything; fortune also favours the smart. Call if you can, as only 24 per cent of sales emails are ever opened (Topo). By integrating with your CRM system, Gather allows you to keep track of your leads, grade them in terms of the urgency with which you need to follow up and tailor how you do this.

We've helped clients from Bentley to Boundless convert their leads into sales. Why not join them? Get in touch with our team to find out how.

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