Gather has been involved in the customer data and events industry for 50+ years. We have worked closely with clients to craft solutions that encompass the whole event journey. Whether you are looking for a pre-event registration webpage to track and record visitor information, or to supply a single lead capture solution to an event you are organising - we have it covered.

SME Expectations

Event Lead Capture App

With Gather’s easy to use Lead Capture App, it is easier than ever to quickly capture any customer or lead interaction at any event. Whether you are a:

  • Marketing/Event manager looking for a tool to collect data to illustrate that all-important ROI
  • Event organiser wanting to collate information about visitors/exhibitors
  • Salesperson needing to easily collect contact information from a meeting or networking event.

Our Lead Capture App can be used in any interaction where you may wish to capture data. It is powered by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology - meaning you can simply take a quick picture of a business card and the information will automatically populate instantly in the App, and you can then send data to your CRM for immediate follow-up action.

ET22 Feature

Event Organiser Lead Retrieval

Gather Event Manager allows organisers to supply a single lead capture solution to their exhibitors in the form of our Event Lead Capture App. By having a single solution across the whole event, organisers can keep the attendee experience smooth and consistent and help both your event and your exhibitors illustrate ROI and growth.

Event Manager also comes with an exhibitor management real-time dashboard for each exhibitor - providing the data and metrics to quickly illustrate success. The Event Manager tool can integrate with Eventbrite or the Gather Event Registration platform to easily access your guest lists, print badges and link data directly to your CRM.

The Gather Event Manager product is perfect if you are an event organiser looking to:

  • Better engage with your exhibitors
  • Create an additional revenue stream (sell data back to your exhibitors)
  • Supply the most accurate lead capture tool to your exhibitors.
Event Reg Use Case

Event Registration Platform

Gather Registration is an all-in-one customisable solution for event websites, registration, and communications. Simple to set up and use, it will ensure that your customer journey remains consistent across all touchpoints. Gather Registration allows you to make the most out of your event before, during and after it takes place - illustrating growth in sales and ROI.

The platform provides full control to:

  • Build customised event websites
  • Register delegates
  • Send pre, during and post-event communications
  • Check-in delegates
  • Produce eTickets.

With full integration into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it gives you everything you need to make your event successful.


Helping you capture and enrich your customer data

We understand the demand to achieve measurable results from events. Whether you are a marketing person, data manager, event organiser or sales professional - our products and services are focused on extracting the most value from your most important asset: customer data.

Across any customer interaction or nurture campaign, our data capture and enrichment solutions help you maximise revenue opportunities from your data. From exhibitions to corporate hospitality to client meetings, with Gather, all your interactions are in safe hands.

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