We are delighted to announce the release of Gather Care, a data capture platform specifically aimed at the nursing and care home industry to enable care homes to validate, verify and act on outbreaks.

Developed in trial with care homes, clinicians and industry professionals from across the sector, Gather Care software provides a simple, fast and low cost system that captures and reports on critical early warning signs of infectious disease, for the first time empowering care homes with this kind of tool.


Originally developed to support seasonal cold, flu and norovirus outbreak control, the COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasised the need for an ‘early warning’ system for care homes. Using Gather Care, front line care professionals can identify any seasonal colds, flu, viruses and infection outbreaks quickly and with minimal effort, requiring as little as 30 seconds input time per day.

Gather Care also enables care homes to centralise this crucial symptom data and share, anonymously, with all other nursing and care homes throughout the UK. Each care home can then compare current and historic symptom data against geographic data, empowering front line care workers, operators and other key stakeholders with invaluable information to strengthen the control of outbreaks and resident care.

Gather MD Hugo Spalding commented:

“Today, care homes are inundated with data collection requirements from various regulatory bodies. Yet for all the data collected and submitted by care homes, little or no useful data is made available in return, in particular, on a consolidated basis. This has left a significant gap in supporting front line care workers with concise information to assist in preventative care planning. Gather Care has been designed with front line sector consultation and developed to provide a solution for the care industry as a whole. The design is simple and easy-to-use, providing the vital source for confidential, secure data sharing amongst the care home industry.”


Gather Care is developed based on feedback from care professionals and clinicians to monitor early warning signs, taking data on:

    • Symptom Counts
    • Pyrexia
    • Diarrhoea
    • Vomiting
    • Chest infections
    • Cold and/or Flu
    • Persistent Cough
    • Suspected UTI
    • Delirium (new-onset)

Data is collected purely for clinical purposes and is stored and consolidated in the Gather Portal, providing Care Homes with instant and direct access and visibility to their own data at both individual and group level. This also provides the immediate and unique ability to securely, and anonymously, compare your data to local, county, regional and national results to assist in identifying and tracking a suspected outbreak before it escalates.

For a demonstration of the Gather Care platform, or to find out more about Gather Care, please contact us today.

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