With personal data being the hot commodity it is in today’s connected world, it’s essential to offer the most indelible customer experience possible.

That being said there has definitely been a shift in the paradigm with people’s attitudes towards data security. With legislation like GDPR, UK-GDPR and CCPA coming into place, it’s quite telling the zeitgeist has become more conscious of what you, as a consumer, put out into the world and how it’s handled.

A cost of trust

A data breach no matter how well it’s handled can be disastrous for even the biggest companies. Uber, for example, was the victim of a group of hackers who broke into their systems and managed to compromise the records of 35 million users worldwide.

Ubers decision to cover up this breach was a blatant violation of the public’s trust.

Uber also decided to try and cover up this breach by keeping employees and users out of the loop of what was going on. Consumers seem to be less forgiving for companies in newer industries, like ride-sharing.


We can see clearly how deep the hole Uber dug themselves into through this graph and how even two years later they still hadn’t managed to regain their previous footing in the industry.

Incorporating these steps below will help you set up the lines of defence necessary to reduce your chances of being the subject of one of these devastating data breaches.

Prioritise staff training

Your data security is only as strong as your weakest link, a cliché I know but it rings very true. Everyone involved in your data capture and handling processes needs to know what is expected of them.

Training Secure Data

The only way for your staff to know this is with an emphasis on regular training, allowing them to understand your set processes and what it is expected.

This knowledge will be able to guide your staff on where to exercise discretion through communications, like what personal information to include in outbound emails.

This training is the first line of defence for ensuring the security of your customer data, being able to recognise false requests for customer information and know what locations to store this delicate information in is crucial in the safety of your customer data.

Optimise capture fields

When capturing customer data, it can be quite tempting to get all the information you can on a potential lead. This can, however, be counter-productive. Clogging up your CRMs with a slew of irrelevant data will lead to disorganisation and inconsistency, but can also lead to a security breach.

The more data that’s in your databases that you’re not looking after the more likely you are to run into a breach in the security of said data.

To avoid this, you should slim down your data capture forms to only contain fields capturing relevant information.

Don’t rely on an internet connection

With all the data capture solutions out there on the market, one common fault is the reliance on a Wi-Fi connection. When looking for the right data you should be sourcing your own data capture solutions to use at an event or exhibition.

However, you’ll be left having to put your trust in the event supplied internet or your own 3G/ 4G which is never a smart idea.

Secure Connection

Gather’s data capture solution comes with the ability to scan, capture and store a customer’s data on your device all without an internet connection. This is then later uploaded once a trusted internet connection has been established.

Encryption is key

Once you’ve collected your data and it is at rest in a physical location i.e. computer server or external hard drive anyone with access is now a potential security risk. This means leaving your data in a plaintext format is absolutely not an option.

Less than half (49%) of those surveyed said they fully encrypt their data stores.

Once your data is collected having it encrypted adds a whole other layer of security helping to keep your customer data secure and compliant with GDPR regulations. With this seeming to be an aspect most businesses still aren’t incorporating on a large scale this is a great opportunity to stand out from your competitors.


Promising secure data capture and well-thought-out management of your customer’s data is a must in today’s climate. Just as sourcing a reputable CRM to store your data will alleviate a lot of concerns over security, sourcing the right data capture solution can mitigate worries at the very first step of your customer's data journey.

If you’d like to read some real-world scenarios on how our data capture app has helped businesses increase event ROI all whilst capturing compliant customer data then take a look at some of our case studies.

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