Today’s event industry offers huge benefits for any businesses in attendance. Having the opportunity to exhibit your product to an audience with an established interest in what you do is hard to pass up. From growing your audience and notoriety to getting a more intimate feel as to who your consumers really are, its hard to ignore the advantages.

Often at events the opportunity to better understand your audience can be overlooked. Brands can interact face-to-face with their customers as well as using smart data capture methods to provide you with insight without harming the customer experience all around.

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Making data capture part of your customer experience

Traditional data capture methods can be seen as pretty clunky, often interrupting the customer experience. If companies are incorporating out of date, unoriginal forms of data capture then consumers will quickly disengage. However utilising technology and creative strategies means modern data capture can even enhance your customer experience.

Particularly in competitive markets where you’re vying for attention, you need to stand out from the crowd. Here’s some of the best ways we saw data capture encapsulated in the high-stakes world of information security.


Drawing people into your stand doesn’t always have to be so complicated, simply offering the chance to win a sought-after product, or something relevant to the industry you’re in works extremely well. People love something for free, and universally loved items like booze or chocolate will inevitably draw footfall to your stand. A number of the stands had fully functional bars, we were offered a drinks token after a pre-qualifying chat and a chance for data capture.

Other competition giveaways included the chance to win a pair of Nike’s self-lacing shoes (after email capture and badge scanning), drones and RC cars were among the other high-value competition giveaways.


Gamification was used to great effect on various stands at this year’s event. Seeing original arcade style games crafted from the ground up specifically for brands, involving quick reactions and leader boards to show just how close you came to winning their prizes. Getting attendees to play games is a great way to encourage them to get involved with your brand, rather than just listened to your message. Attendees get to indulge in new technologies like VR to inspire interaction and games naturally spark our innate love of competition between our peers.

Despite these great gimmicks to get customers to stands, we didn’t witness the inclusion of data capture methods paired along with these experiences. A huge missed opportunity in our opinion, A quick scan of a business card or some form of digital data entry would pair effortlessly with a system like this.

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Whilst having self-enclosed seminars at one brand’s booths anyone who willingly stopped to listen was given a token that allowed access to their T-Shirt printing machines. Where participants could digitally customise and design a T-Shirt for themselves, the catch? Users were asked to input their contact information to get access to the customisation options. Very effective when combined with attendees love of personalisation and the desire to see something unique to you created there and then.

The problem with event owned data capture

It’s pretty standard today for event organisers, at a cost, to supply you with scanners, to scan event attendee badge information. This seems great until you realise that the data, you’re actually collecting is inherited to you by the event themselves. So, in a sense your only able to collect what they allow you to collect.

Rather than acting as a third party to this data, which may even take days to arrive into your data sets, sourcing your own data capture means should be at the top of your list when attending events. With a smart data capture solution, you can:

  • Capture, store and access the data within seconds
  • Set up post-lead capture emails with no time delay
  • Integrate data straight into your CRM without delay
  • Capture data you’re the most interested in
  • Track who collected what data
  • Free up time to focus on being the face of your business
  • Nurture a relationship that the consumer will remember
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Unlock the value in your customer data

If you are attending any live events this year the one bit of advice, we would recommend is to not leave your data capture solutions as an afterthought.

We saw a lot of money being spent at this year’s InfoSec Europe, but next to none of it was invested in how these businesses were collecting data. Big flashy stands do draw people in. But what’s the point if you’re only relying on the data the event is willing to give to you?

There’s value in your customer data but it’s up to you to ensure you get the most out of it.

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