Your time is valuable and so is your customers’. You want to feel confident that you are using it wisely when interacting with them at events, ensuring the data you collect is valuable and insightful. And if there's time to spare, you want to take the opportunity to build your relationship with them.

Why use a combination of outdated data capture techniques and multiple tools that slow you down? Challenge how you currently operate and consider Gather Pro. Our event app allows you to combine a number of tasks to deliver rapid data capture. This means you can focus on what's important: getting to know your current and future customers. All the functionality you could possibly want in one event app.

Fast and easy data capture with Gather Pro

Our event app works online or offline, so it can operate anywhere, anytime. The business card scanner (using optical character recognition) or QR (Quick Response) feature can help you collect information accurately in seconds. That means none of the risk and delay that often comes with traditional data capture methods.

A secure and shareable event app

Upload new or updated data gathered at your event to our secure Portal. Your sales or marketing teams back at the office can take forward each lead, act on new insights and report on the event’s impact and return on investment. There's no need to wait until after the event to see the results; everyone can access the data in real time.

Speak to our team to learn more about how Gather Pro can save you time, so you can focus on what really counts.

Use Gather Pro as an event app to capture the data you need

Take the first step towards valuable data

With our Data Capture app and Data services team on offer we provide all the tools necessary to unlock the value in your customer data

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