Always be prepared

A company with data is like how a boy scout should always be, prepared.

Data capture is a process that supplies your company with an almost invaluable resource that, if utilised properly, can provide your brand with huge potential for growth and expansion. It gives you the chance to explore new avenues, save time and resources and to always be prepared.

With smart and reliable customer data capture under your belt, you’re ready to scale marketing efforts to be more personalised, target sales opportunities to be more successful and develop your product or service to better suit your desired market.

Meaningful Interactions

You know the benefits of attending trade shows, the chance to put a face to the brand and interact with prospects in a meaningful, personal way is too good an opportunity to pass up. But there isn’t much use in assigning all the necessary resources required to pull off something as demanding as attending a live event if you aren’t fully taking advantage of time spent between you and your prospects.

Going digital with your data capture is a way to open doors, explore new avenues and to adapt and grow. Easy, paperless data capture is going to drastically increase the amount of quality time you can spend with prospects. During this finite in-person opportunity t’s important you spend your time the right way, on building lasting relationships between consumer and brand.

Start with Quality… Then Focus on the Rest

Unlike online form builders, a bespoke data capture app works around your CRM system. This integration allows for real-time delivery to your chosen CRM giving you instant access which will save you time on both reviewing/ analysing customer records and equipping it for marketing purposes later down the line.

With a data capture app you can rest easy knowing the only data you are collecting is data you can use as forms are tailored to your CRM system. By keeping databases free of clutter the turnover time it takes to carry out the process of data analytics will be cut considerably.

Did you know an average from multiple surveys attributes 59% of all data quality issues to human error? Well with data capture software validating key data such as email and address, eliminating poor quality data is something that can be easily achieved.

It’s much less costly to do something right the first time then go back and try to account for any number of mistakes that might affect the quality of your data. A big part of data capture is building a list of clean quality customer data that can be easily utilised in an efficient manner.

Reaching, Re-engaging and Retaining

With the right data capture solution and the quality of data it will allow you to collect, you now have access to a vast amount of marketing opportunities available for your company to take advantage of.

Capturing a client's clean data means you have the information you need to carry out personalised marketing strategies. According to Experian, personalised marketing emails received 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates than those without. In fact, companies that use any form of personalised marketing typically increased total sales by 19%.

A post-show marketing plan is both easier and more effective when presented with reliable actionable data beforehand. If you would like to know how to Maximise ROI with a well-crafted live event marketing plan take a look at our latest blog post.

There's also a question of once you’ve acquired leads how to retain them? It’s all well and good investing in new leads but growth can only occur with nurturing and looking after the leads you already have. With the average cost of a lead sitting around $198 it’s imperative this money is spent in a way that maximises ROI.

If you would like to know more about how data capture software can help you swing a better balance between cost and return of investment chat to one of our experts below.

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