Engaging with new customers can be challenging. However, useful tech such as a data collection app helps you connect with your customers and prospects.

Every face-to-face meeting with a customer is an important opportunity – and increasingly so. Eventbrite’s Pulse Report found that 49 per cent of companies with event spends over US$30,000 expect their 2018 budgets to increase. And whatever the occasion – brand research, a competition, a product launch, an exhibition – you want to make the most of your precious time with customers.

How does a data collection app help you get the best results?

Well, there are a few reasons.

1. It guarantees consistency

Ensuring brand consistency is essential, but it isn’t easy. Lisa Thomas, global head of brand at Virgin Enterprises, knows this all too well: she manages more than 65 separate brand licences. And for Virgin, it’s vital to understand the purpose behind each brand. Thomas also highlights the importance of being distinctive and creating a memorable customer experience.

But purpose dilutes across teams. And creating an amazing, on-brand event experience that engages customers is easier said than done. A good mobile event app ensures centrally-led messaging and branding that your whole team can rely on. It ensures such consistency with multiple in-app forms and custom branding across numerous devices – leaving you free to focus on engaging with customers.

A data collection app helps you to engage your customers

2. It helps you support your team

Starting with everyone on the same page is one thing. The trick is to keep it that way. Maintaining oversight of an event, especially one increasing in size, comes with its challenges. Processes might break down, innovation may slow, or control over quality and efficiency fade.

A joined-up approach allows you to overcome potential difficulties – and leverage the data your team or business generates. Standardising processes and mechanisms with a data collection app is a good starting point.

Support your team across multiple devices by allocating GDPR-compliant form and user permissions that reflect your business privacy terms. Features such as a business card scanner help your team engage with customers and seamlessly collect new contact details.

As Econsultancy found from its discussions with marketers, you can never have too much customer data. So gather lots of it, if you want to improve your customer experience.

3. It helps you engage with customers

Make it easy to connect with customers and prospects. At large experiential events like Pure, flicking between 10 languages at the tap of a button helps keep doors open.

Once you’ve captured customer details, you’ll want to do something useful with them. Quality data analysis is key to understanding and responding to your customer needs, and honing your product or service. A good data collection app integrates with any CRM. It should enable you to share new contacts quickly and easily, via a secure central portal, wherever you are. And it should automatically sync new data with your CRM.

A nice touch, if you’re running multiple events, is to use your data to welcome returning or VIP guests. Maybe that’s a personalised welcome message – or a useful discount. After all, it’s 50 per cent easier to gain traction with existing customers than new ones.

4. It saves you time and money

Printing is still costly for event creators. Yes, there are always interesting ways to cut costs, from gobos to bunting to cake. But if you’re savvy you can save on time and cost by incorporating all collateral in-app.

Your team’s smartphones are ready and waiting in their pockets, so you don’t need specialist hardware. You won’t have to produce or transport marketing materials, or throw away surplus. What’s more, this gives you the advantage of being sustainable (which you can choose to shout about or not).

See how the app works in the video below:

5. It ensures GDPR-compliant data collection

The GDPR is an opportunity for businesses and teams, especially those dealing with customer data on the frontline. A GDPR-compliant app will include positive customer opt-ins as standard, and be sensitive to country-specific legal documents. You’ll be able to customise your data capture app to include everything from permission centres to permission statements.

From research to competitions, when you capture customer data, it will reflect your approach to the GDPR. This is a powerful tool when dealing with indemnity forms, or the Ts & Cs of competitions.

6. It’s a one-shop stop

With an all-in-one app, one product spend can service an international team.

Gather Pro scales to meet the demands of your team, department or business. Instantly enable it with enhanced automation features, across multiple forms, to collect any type of customer data. Connect with your customers and prospects in a way that leads to lasting relationships.

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