To offer the best possible experience for your customers and to operate as efficiently as possible you must have access to accurate, actionable data sets.

This can only be achieved through regular data cleansing methods that keep your data reliable and up-to-date.

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Why do it?

Better customer experience

Knowing your audience is the best way to offer your customers a journey worth remembering. Offering relevant products, offers and services at the right time will help you avoid pestering your clients with irrelevant marketing but rather allow you to offer products based on their purchase history and interaction with different brand touchpoints. This can only be achieved with accurate data sets, that supply valuable insights into your consumer’s spending habits and trends.

Boost ROI with accurate data

By having up-to-date, reliable data you can increase the productivity and ROI. By removing outdated or irrelevant data, your CRM systems are left with only the highest quality information available.

  • Reduce the time resource needed to sift through large unreliable data sets
  • Reduce wasted marketing spend by removing outdated data from campaigns. Sending direct mail to old addresses, emails to dead email addresses and sms messages to old numbers is costing you time and money.
  • Reduce duplicates in CRM, to reduce spend of advertising to the same contact multiple times at the detriment of the customer brand relationship

Data cleaning methods

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Once you’ve come to the decision your data sets are in need of cleansing you need to identify which cleanse is right for you. A cleanse can be made up of multiple processes like the ones listed below and should be considered when looking to alter the relationship between your brand and the consumer.

Email address verification

Checking email domain exist and your outreach material is reaching your audience. As well as correcting typos for domain and user names to increase the sense of personalisation and care towards your customer.

Business & consumer address cleanse

Ensuring data is formatted correctly to improve efficiency when looking up data for future uses. Using existing data to enrich missing address information so physical mail is more likely to reach your audience.

Business & consumer suppression cleansing

Usually consisting of a national change of address (NCOA) could include identifying and labeling record as gone away or deceased and a specific mail or telephone preference service (MPS) or (TPS)

Business data enrichment

Updating record contact information if individuals are no longer with the company or updating job titles.

Data formatting & quality check

Ahead of marketing campaigns check data sets to ensure all information is correctly formatted and ready to be used by the customer.

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It’s worth keeping in mind that although data cleansing has many benefits, it can be quite a time-consuming process and needs to be approached logically and meticulously.

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