Global rollout scenarios are never a smooth process. The cultural and departmental factors that must be dealt with make it very hard for brands to carry a level of consistency from region to region. So, when brands look to incorporate a piece of software worldwide, it’s the diversity of issues that can prevent a cohesive approach.

But there must be more than one way to conduct a software rollout plan for global brands, right?

What to keep in mind

Running businesses in separate regions is almost as if you’re having to juggle several separate businesses all at once. Due to every region having its own set of criteria for you to operate within they all require a thoughtful and unique approach. Every region has a set of different requirements that must be met for a successful software rollout plan and immediately brands will find local intricacies like these hard to ignore:

  • Legal compliance
  • Adoption
  • Diversity

All these factors make it very hard to come up with a stable software rollout plan that can work equally as well in every location. You have to be conscious that what might work well in one region might be vastly taken out of context in another.

Methods for a software rollout

We’ve pinned down two different methods that could be applied when global brands are looking for a rollout plan for data capture software.

Rollout region by region:

This method takes longer to implement but results in a ‘localisation of the application.’ “Localising your app allows you to easily take your product or service to a global market.” This means that because you’re taking your time with each area one at a time you are able to more effectively listen to what it is your company needs to do. You are able to become more intimate with a region and its cultural and legal requirements for effective implementation. This also means that because you're customising the software requirements per region you can make the user experience much more accessible and unique for your users.

Deciding on a software rollout plan for global brands

Rollout all at once:

The second method is commonly referred to as the ‘big bang’ method where all users, regions, hardware etc. go live with the software all at once. This helps with speed of deployment as users can use the software from day one meaning “design, configuration, integration testing and training need to be executed one time only.” Businesses tend to shy away from this method due to the increased risk of business disruption. Although preparing teams with effective global comms and training, similar to the previous method, will help minimise risks like this.

Managing feedback

These two rollout methods affect the customer experience in very different ways meaning the perception of your brand can differ hugely. But there are ways for your brand to combat this, having two teams for each region i.e. a centralised development team and a localised one. By ensuring a constant discourse between these two, from start to finish you will be able to take control of the feedback you are getting and put it to good use.

“Creating a transparent, structured and streamlined communications pathways between local and central teams is a key factor in achieving positive outcomes in your international rollout.”

Rasmus Frick

Our approach

We have a dedicated team of experts with multiple years of experience customising forms for companies to operate in separate regions. Having dealt with brands who want to operate in the two methods we identified above, we have the knowledge and the means that allow us to remove the headache of conducting a software rollout plan for global brands. With the ability to tailor our software to either cater for specifics or for a more unified experience.

If after reading this you’ve come to a decision about how to best rollout your data capture to global teams see how we can remove the headache for you with a free trial below.

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