Our data capture software is versatile and can help you record quality data at all stages of your product development. Quality data is key to understanding your customer base and perfecting your offer.

From prototype to product development to sale

Gather offers a data capture solution that can be used to conduct research throughout your product development – from initial concept to improving your offer and converting sales. You can use Gather when face-to-face with a customer and record data with ease.

Whether you conduct feasibility and initial market research in a laboratory or on the road, our app offers:


It ensures that you always collect data in identical formats and have complete datasets.


It does the hard work so you can focus your attention on what's important: your customer.


You can use the app on a tablet or smartphone – you don’t need to carry around a laptop.

Immediate data extraction

With a Wi-Fi connection, the app uploads data to the cloud automatically, so your team can use the data captured immediately.

Taking your product to market

Once you have a prototype, you can use Gather to capture information about how existing customers or prospects interact with your product.

Gather can be used to record data at events and seek consumer feedback on your product. For example, our automotive clients use our app at motor shows to capture initial feedback on new features – and then act on that intelligence.

Gather has customisable data entry forms. Record answers as a text entry, a pick list or check box. The latter two options allow you to check either one answer or choose several. For instance, if you want to ask: 'What environment is my product useful in?', you can enter answers such as “at home”, “commuting to work” and “in the office”.

Data permission forms are also integrated in to our app. Wherever you are in your product development cycle, you must have the permission to use the data you collect. This is crucial as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in to force in May 2018.

Gather for product launches and point of sale research

Brand our app with your business logo and colour scheme. It’s a helpful feature for product launches as it ensures a consistent brand image. Choose a ready-to-use template (Gather Lite) or customise the app to fit your needs (Gather Pro or Gather Enterprise). Gather Enterprise gives you ultimate flexibility to add imagery to the app’s landing page.

For point of sale research, we can design the data entry forms according to your specific needs. Gather Enterprise allows you to record contact information if you want to follow up on sales leads, for example. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple question and answer format if you want to capture anonymous feedback.

If you need the app to collect data without the help of a data entry assistant, it can work unaided in kiosk mode. It simply prompts the user through the data collection process – a helpful feature if your customer wants to remain anonymous.

Gather is a scaleable solution – whether you're at the start of your product development cycle, ready to take your idea to market or refining your offer.

Wherever you are in your product development journey, Gather’s app makes is easy to capture quality customer data to lead the rest of the way. Contact the team to learn more.

By Hugo Spalding

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