Gather were happy to be partnered with the event registration at this year’s CBRE supply partner event. A place where market leaders have the opportunity to showcase leading products, and knowledge and commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience.

With CBRE self-imposing that “everyone who participates in this event plays a key role in ensuring an exceptional journey for the users of our clients.” We went in applying the same rule to us.

Mitingu Event Floor

The role of event registration

The objective of any event should be to bring people together, and the first step to this process has to be event registration. Maximising the conversion rate from prospect to registered attendee is an important KPI for marketers.

Event registration is a process that allows prospects to make a financial and/or time commitment to attend your event. “It is the point at which a person decides that the benefits of attending the event will outweigh the costs.”

Looking at the metrics between your event registration and event attendance is a crucial KPI to measure, as having them as close as possible will help improve event ROI.

Creating lasting impressions & seamless experiences

The goal for any event registration process is to help, not hurt the customer experience. For the prospect it should appear to be a seamless process, from registering, picking up their pass and receiving post-event reporting/ follow-ups. It all needs to feel effortless.


Registering for an event is the first interaction an attendee will have with your event, which is why it must not hinder the customer experience in any way. Sourcing high-quality event registration software will help create a good first impression and create excitement for the rest of the event.

Opening up the doorways for more conversation around your event and exposing it to word of mouth marketing helps generates the most buzz.

With an effective registration process, you can offer a much more enjoyable experience for your attendees. Collecting essential information will help determine who will be coming, so you can tailor the event to suit their needs. But also, with this information, you can offer bespoke follow-up emails and supply each attendee with information that is strictly relevant towards them.

By coupling your data capture and registration processes, as we did at the CBRE event, we were able to see which attendees visited which stands and we could draw insights from the event as a whole.

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Tracking data for better strategy

With effective event registration and tracking of data, it produces it can help you dictate what resources to allocate where. For instance, the number of attendees who used self-service kiosks over checking-in in person and the number of last-minute registrations or the peak times at which people register.

With an even registration system, you can group visitors into specific classifications and cater to them specifically. These can be; attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and VIP’s etc. This data can then be utilised when planning the same event next year, or even to other events that you hold throughout the year.

All of these factors can help you distinguish the ratio of staff to self-service kiosks that you need on-site and at what times, as well as establish the main reasons people are attending your event, and which specific sessions attracted VIP’s. It can even help reveal whether or not you need to grow your event space for next year.

However, what this data’s top priority should be geared towards is ensuring your attendees are having the best on-site experience possible.

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Our take away

Working in tandem with the CBRE Supply Partner’s event registration we were able to catch glimpse of a side to live events that we aren’t usually exposed to. Being able to understand how crafting a seamless registration experience is the first line of defence in building excitement around your event.

We were able to interact with exhibitors and attendees alike, getting their take on how the event measured up to expectations, but also see how the data that event registration produces is hugely beneficial for organisers in getting a clear concise picture of how their event measured up as a whole.

We look forward to getting involved in this side of live events again. We’re excited to see how our learnings can be focussed into crafting more enjoyable and more memorable experiences for everyone involved in the future.

If you want to hear more about event data, specifically geared towards exhibitor data capture then take a look at our long list of blogs. We’ve had a busy Summer period trying to access as many events as possible so you shouldn’t find yourself starved for content.

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