As you’re probably aware, there’s a lot of new event technology coming into play these days. But, as we’ve written about before, you’ll be most interested in affordable event tech tools that ensure return on investment. This time, we’re looking specifically at event technology for start-ups.

Which event technology solutions will help you reduce costs, deliver a unique customer experience and, crucially, grow with your business? Read on to find out what works for you.

Cost-effective event technology for start-ups: What you need to know

1. Fast-track your event planning with Lineup Ninja

While many are vying for the top spot in the conference-management software world, it’s worth paying attention to Lineup Ninja.

Yes, the company’s event software saves you time scheduling or emailing speakers and whoever else is attending your event. Yes, you can save mobile app costs by publishing your agenda to a mobile web page.

But Lineup Ninja also won the Launchpad competition at Event Tech Live 2018. And its software has been referred to as ‘the greatest admin lifesaver’ – an impressive accolade.

Here’s what Off Grid Festival had to say about Lineup Ninja’s event technology:

2. Create an immersive CX with Hi-Lites

Virtual reality (and augmented reality) is a hot topic in the events world. This is hardly surprising. VR is an effective way to create and control an immersive and memorable event experience for those attending. VR isn’t always the cheapest, however.

Hi-Lites are a new event technology solution – and a cost-effective alternative to more expensive VR options. Essentially, they are visual-effects glasses. But they turn light into custom shapes for the wearer. These shapes might be company logos, hearts, smiley faces, or whatever you want them to be. The frames themselves are also fully customisable and brandable.

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3. Be interactive with Catchbox

This throwable speaker from Catchbox is an ideal piece of event technology for start-ups. Perfect for smaller events, presentations, breakout sessions or panel discussions, it’s a fun and interactive way to engage your audience.

A small, brandable cube, Catchbox boasts an internal wireless microphone able to transmit up to 328 feet. And a motion sensor inside the cube automatically shuts off the microphone when you throw it to an audience member.

Catchbox: cost-effective event technology for start-ups

4. Engage your audience with Glisser

If you’re looking to interact with attendees on a larger scale, Glisser’s audience engagement and analytics platform may be just what you’re after. Glisser connects your audience to your presentation via their smartphone (or other device).

As live event technology solutions go, it’s pretty handy. Glisser’s audience participation app can share slides from your presentation to your audience’s devices in an instant. This also enables you to carry out real-time polls and digital Q&As, and gain useful insights from event analytics.

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5. Show different perspectives with MirraViz

Experiential marketing can mean many things. Ultimately though, its aim is always to help an audience see something in a new light. While companies can spend huge sums of money creating an unforgettable experiential event, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can find experiential event technology for start-ups that doesn’t break the bank.

MirraViz: cost-effective event technology for start-ups

The MultiView display system from MirraViz lets you display a variety of content simultaneously on a single surface. With screens hanging like posters on a wall, you can arrange a number of tabletop or mounted projectors around the screens at varying angles. Viewers see different content depending on where they're standing, creating a simple but multifaceted experience for attendees.

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6. Grow your business with a data capture app

As a young, small company, you’re probably looking to grow your business. If so, it’s worth looking into how a data capture app can help you mature.

Gather: Cost-effective event technology for start-ups

Yes, you can use it to capture leads, conduct brand research and run competitions. Yes, it’s a versatile piece of event technology that you can take with you to exhibitions, events, and product launches. And, yes, it automatically integrates the data you capture into your back-office and CRM systems in real time.

However, a data capture app is particularly useful for start-ups because it can grow and flex with your business as it matures. A data capture app such as Gather’s lets you start Lite and evolve into a bespoke solution unique to your business. It’s also been described as ‘accurate, easy to use and cost effective’.

Here’s what Gather’s customers had to say about the app.

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