With digital ad space drying up and the cost of whatever’s left rising, through an over saturation of content. Alternate marketing strategies have become a necessity to survive in today’s market. Whether it’s through celebrity endorsements, micro influencers (individuals with smaller followers but considered experts in their respective niche) or consumer generated content.

More and more companies are adopting unconventional means to get their message out into the public consciousness.

Why customer advocates work

There are more benefits to crafting enjoyable experiences and providing an exceptional product or service for your customers than just sales. Establishing a loyal consumer base is one of the most lucrative resources you can acquire. Imagine having a well of real-life users promoting your product or service to others free of charge!

"92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising.”
Nielsen Consumer Trust Index

User generated content is created organically, with the consumer directing the use, context and tone of the content. Showing your product or service in use, in a personal context. Created by users who liked the product so much they had to praise the company responsible.

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For obvious reasons, this type of content is perceived as more authentic and honest than other forms of marketing. A study from Bazaar found that “51 percent of Americans trust UGC more than other information on a company website.”

Luckily for us consumer generated content comes under the ‘content creation’ banner which can:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Reinforce credibility
  • Streamline lead nurturing
  • Improve SEO and social traffic

Consumer generated content refers to any form of brand advocacy that comes externally from the company it’s about. This can be anything from online reviews displayed on Google, social media posts to even word of mouth recommendations.

Become authentic

Research consistently shows consumers are more likely to trust a peer review or word of mouth account over content created by a brand or organisation. We live in an age where the consumer has never been more educated on how they are sold to. Becoming wise to the tricks of the trade means traditional marketing techniques no longer entice users in the same way.

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Real accounts and real experiences are what persuade a user from becoming a prospect to a genuine sale. The more authenticity in your marketing the more credibility you get as a reliable brand that can offer what you’re claiming you can sell.

How to get more UGC

The most effective ways to convert your customers into brand advocates is by offering them an experience worth talking about. This requires you getting to know your customer on a level that traditional marketing techniques don’t require.

Collecting information with a form of data capture allows you to equip it towards crafting a better consumer experience. This is the ideal route towards gaining organic advocates for your brand, with a wealth of data comes a wealth of insights. Helping dictate the trajectory of your marketing and product development efforts to better facilitate what your individual consumers are after.

Effective uses

By putting these more authentic means to good use like in your social media campaigns you can strengthen brand and consumer relationships through dialogue. Facilitates more meaningful interactions and encourage other users to submit content.

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Using hashtags and competitions to trend are a great way to improve engagement and build brand awareness with people who have no previous affiliation with you.

“75 percent of people are likely to share a good experience on their own profile”
Sprout Social

Encouraging customers to leave reviews both on and off-site can contribute to conversions. Yelp, TripAdvisor and other experience sharing sites have put a lot of power in the hands of consumers. Which can either be feared or put to work in your favour, by simply offering the product or service you advertise you will find yourself subject to happy, satisfied customers willing to sing your praises.

According to Octoly, “on average, user-generated videos about a brand were viewed 10 times more than official brand videos on YouTube.” Consumer generated videos offer original perspectives to your product/ service in the most digestible format that currently exists.

If you’re looking to more authentically market your product or service through the use of consumer generated content. Take the first step with reliable data capture and see what we can do for you.

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