It’s the most 'wonderful'/ competitive time of the year and for retail, it couldn’t be more important to hit seasonal targets. If you’re not tailoring your strategy to your customer you can bet your competitors will be.

“For almost 75% of UK retailers, the Christmas period accounts for over 20% of annual sales”
Customer Experience Magazine

Personalised marketing is a proven strategy that increases engagement, positive association between consumer and brand and ROI. But what is personalisation without the right customer data and a well organised CRM? Getting your CRM strategy in place now gives you the best chance of success come December.

1. Merge online & offline

With the breadth of data your CRM holds concerning your customers, your number 1 priority should be putting it to use. Using contact information, often gained through online orders, you can help create real-world footfall in your physical stores.

Merge Resize

Segmenting your database by location will allow you to equip this data for targeted marketing strategies. Email and mailing lists will be much more specific meaning your special in-store offers will have much more of an effect and prove much more successful.

51% of consumers are more likely to enter a store and buy something if they receive an offer on their mobile device while they are nearby.

Stripping back nationwide offers and making unique invite only holiday events appeals much more to the market’s obsession with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Knowing an offer is only around once a year and more specifically only available in a determined area they ‘happen’ to be located in will make consumers far more inclined to see what it’s all about.

2. Capture psychographic data

A lot of brands segment their audience by demographics, but segmenting based on psychographic traits can be much more effective.

Psychographic segmentation looks at shared personality traits, beliefs, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyles and other factors. Gather this information early in the year, ask your customers for feedback, in-store, by email and in-person and keep this information in your CRM. Making the most of your data capture process to include questions that give you more insight into your customer can be a simple and cost-effective approach. By the time Christmas rolls around you will have plenty of data to work with.

Alternatively work with what you’ve already got, previous purchase habits and marketing engagement metrics. Devise incentives for your most loyal customers to create user-generated content (UGC) and promote your brand in the run-up to December.

The most obvious example of this is the McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes. Occurring annually so consumers are aware of it and prepare. The reason this marketing incentive works so well is it rewards the already loyal customer base whilst attracting new buyers.


With the recent integration of customer interaction over social, encouraging customers to share photos of their ‘instant wins’ via Instagram and Twitter. Using the cross-platform hashtag #MonopolyatMaccas users could easily share and engage with the brand with little to no-friction. Supplying MacDonald’s with a stream of content for their social channels promoted by users for users.

3. Last minute convenience

On average one-third of customers leave all their Christmas shopping until the week before Christmas. Targeting deals towards enticement/ persuasion will help bring those customers who haven’t visited in a few months right back into your stores.

Time Resize

Give your customers a chance to get what they need last minute with targeted offers for in-store pick up based on their location. Look at customers who left it to the last minute last year and remind these customers in the run-up to when shipping closes.

“Become the convenient answer to the inevitable last-minute panic.”

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